Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Short Updates

~ The Hubby and I have been sick. Now Little Man has it. He sounds crappy and am really worried about him. I wish that I had insurance.

~Little Dude can now read some words. I can't believe it!

~The Princess can also read those some words. It pays off to have family homework time.

~The dryer broke. We are SUPER blessed that it didn't cost a dime to fix it.

~I have booked a few more pictures sessions....again another HUGE blessing.

~I loved conference this last weekend. I cried through the entire first session. Then I toughened up for the rest. Good thing, I was starting to think I was crazy.

~The weather is getting colder and I find myself missing the warmer weather. Is it me or was summer not as long this year?

~The Hubby still doesn't have a job.....please keep praying for him!


Lisa B said...

Sorry to hear that everyone is getting sick! There is a clinic for the uninsured! Let me know if you want more information. Love you, and get feeling better! :)

Kaarina said...

Hang in there woman.We think about you guys all the time...