Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Busy

So this time of year is just meant to be busy. I love it to an extent, but I feel I have been neglecting my duty as a blog owner. Sorry to have let you all down. :)

Actually here's the updates:

The Hubby: Loving his new job. Trying to work as many hours as possible but still home TONS more than any other job he has ever had. He had a BIRTHDAY yesterday that I totally slacked on a blogging birthday tribute. Hope he still knows I love him! Happy Birthday babe! His sisters are with us for a bit. One more permanent than the other and he is LOVING it! So am I for that matter! It is great to have them here with us!

The Dude: Tomorrow is his last day before Christmas break and he can't hardly wait! He told me half awake last night that he really hopes that he is on Santa's nice list. I assured him that there have been lots of things that he has done lately that have made mommy and daddy proud and I am sure Santa will take that into consideration. I TOTALLY love this kid!

The Princess: She is still a trouper, but life has been a little harder lately. With the treats that people have brought over she is trying to learn a little self control. She can't wait for Christmas either. I love seeing the magic of Christmas in her eyes. She has been doing a few extra things around the house just so we will let her wrap the presents. I am willing to do anything the help her keep her mind off her glucose levels. She has been running pretty high lately. We are having a hard time determining if it is because of her runny nose, her maybe sneaking food, or if she needs a dosage change. Last night I was in tears when her meter gave her an error because she was over 600 and that is as high as it goes. We called to doctor and he gave us a little talking to about keeping her on a schedule of when she eats, and gets her insulin. Man I felt bad, but we can count that as lesson learned. Today is much better, but it is all starting to wear on her. As I figured it would. She is justified!

The Little Man: He is just as silly as ever. I am not sure what he understands about Christmas, but we took him to see Santa at Ikea and he screamed! He loves the snow though and would be out in it all day long if I let him. I can't wait for him to maybe get a better idea of what it is all about!

Me: I had 5 photo session last week, and have also been working lots of hours for Jet Blue. Since there has been so many airports with weather delays it has been SUPER busy! I have been preparing for Trev's sister to move in with us for a few months and his other sister from Texas to come for Christmas for a few weeks. I am loving them here, it has been nice to visit. I woke up this morning to awesome news that my sister had her baby! She had a little girl Hadley Nicole. I wanted so bad to go to the hospital to meet her, but I have been sick too. I decided to wait. It is killing me though! We did get all our shopping done finally. We did it all in one night. We started at 7:30 and picked up the kids a little after 1. I was so happy to get it done! Now I just have to wrap it all! URGH!

So that is what is happening with us. I can't wait to share with you all about all the Christmas Magic that has been happening, but I will have to share that when I am a little less tired. Thanks for sticking with me through this lame posting month! Hope to back an running after the holidays! Merry Christmas if I don't stop by before then!


*Amy* said...

Hey Shannon! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Was it Kim who had the baby? If so, tell her congrats for me :)

Kimberly said...

Hope you feel better soon so you can come meet Hadley.

Amber Ro said...

I'm glad to hear things are looking up for you and your family. You sure are a great mom!
Merry Christmas!

Grandma Muncey said...

Shannon your pictures of Hadley are really great. She is so cute.
Love grandma Muncey