Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Entry for the HP Prize Package Contest

Moosh in Indy is having a contest on her blog where you can win an AMAZING prize package from HP that is worth $6000! (Go check it out! The prizes really are awesome! And you too can enter to win!) I read the rules on how to enter today and I was compelled to enter. Writing a post on how you would share the prizes if won enters you into the contest. (check out the rules and regulations for more info) So this is my entry.

It is no question that our family has really been through a lot in the last year. Between my hubby loosing his job, having to replace broken down cars, appliances breaking, and my daughter being diagnosed with diabetes. These are just a few of the struggles that we have been through, but the list is longer for the ways that we have been blessed. Our lives have been changed by many that keep the spirit of giving all year long. I have been brought to tears this morning thinking of those people that have touched our lives. There are so many that have helped us so picking a few is so hard to do. While really searching though I thought of a few stories that I would like to share.

It was right after my hubby was laid off from his job at the bank. I had been visiting with a friend and talking about the situation. I cried. I couldn't hold back my emotions of fear, self pitty, worry and more. She gave me comforting advise and offered to help in any way she could. I declined the offer but thanked her just the same. The next day in the hot summer afternoon I looked out my window and saw her walking up the street. She was 8 months pregnant pulling a wagon with her two little girls by her side. I headed outside to greet her and to my surprise her wagon was full of food. Her little family that was struggling as well had taken several things from their food storage and filled the wagon to bring to us. I stood there and cried. I literally felt like she had just given me the shirt off her back. I knew she couldn't afford to do that. She mentioned that she just wanted to help so that our family wouldn't be hungry as my hubby looked for a job. I humbly accepted. With every last bite that was taken I could feel her love and charity. I honestly don't know how I could ever repay such an act of love.

Another way we have been blessed this year was by my daughter's Preschool teacher. The kids had been to Mrs. Donna's class last year and they loved her. It came time to register Princess for this year and all I could do was worry. My hubby didn't have a job and I knew we couldn't afford to pay for Preschool. As the time got closer to the deadline for registration I was sure that she wasn't going to be able to go. When in my heart I knew how important it was for her to go. A few days before we had to meet with the teacher I decided that we would go meet with her and explain the situation. We walked in me embarrassed, the Princess elated, and I just sat with the teacher and told her that my hubby had been laid off and that things weren't looking good. That even though I would love for her to go to school we would have to pass this year. When I told her she looked up at me and said that she knows that Princess needs to be in her class this year and not worry about paying her. That we will somehow figure it out, but still bring her. I felt that I couldn't accept this offer. That was just so much for her to give. I talked her into letting me trade with photography for the year, but I feel like I still have the better end of the deal. I have thanked her many many times and every time we talk about it she expresses love for teaching and for her students. I found out that the tuition the parents pay goes only to things for the kids. She doesn't make an income off of it at all. She has been teaching for over 20 years and has never made any money from it. What an amazing person! I know how she has touched Princess' life with all that she has done for her. She has touched ours as well with the example that she is. I would love to be able to repay her for this year of Preschool, and for all the other 20 years that have passed with serving and teaching so many kids! I know that I could never really do that, but I hope to find a way that I can come close.

This is just an example of two people that have touched my life. I really could go on! But my parents, sister's and brother's have ALWAYS been there for me in more ways than one. They have paid bills for us, watched kids, given us food, helped us with projects and so much more. It will take an eternity for us to repay them for all that has been done for us. I have an amazing family that no matter the situation they are there, helping with open arms and a loving heart. If I can never repay them then I just can hope to become more like them.

If I were to win the contest and receive all those awesome prizes I would have to say I don't think that I would keep any of it. I really mean that. I have searched for ways to repay all those that have helped us. I am in debt to many wonderful people that it wouldn't be right for me to keep any of it. They have sacrificed for us and have been happy and willing. I mean it when I say our lives have been changed this year and I really owe it to everyone that has been there along the way. If any of you are reading this I hope you are blessed. Thank you for being who you are and thank you for being an example to the rest of the world including my little family!


Holly | Reed Photographic said...

If it were a voting contest, I'd vote for you. I think with your luck this year its time you won something, right?

Ellen said...

I really think that you are an amazing person. I wish that I could be half the person that you are. May the Lord bless you and your family this Christmas season and all year long.

Suzanne said...

that is beautiful Shannon! I just want to give you a hug!