Saturday, February 21, 2009

6 Years!

Six years ago I became a mother. Six years ago I held you in my arms and looked right into your eyes. I knew you were special.Everyone commented on your big smile, your dark hair and how big you were. You were adorable and precious. You still are.
You have grown to be a very smart, very imaginative, and a very entertaining six year old. You are creative and funny too. Always trying to make people laugh.

You are so helpful. Your younger sister and brother look up to you. They love to play with you. Just being around you makes them feel special. You have always followed your dad around trying to help him. He loves to teach you and loves the company.

Playing with your friends is your favorite thing to do. You have chosen the best friend too. Watching the two of you play makes everyone smile. The days of dressing up as super heroes is short lived. Live it up!

You love to eat chicken dumplings, ham, pizza, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, turkey sandwiches, and shrimp. Come to think of it you will eat just about anything.

You love to ride your bike, play outside, jump on the tramp, play video games, and do crafts. You have an amazing talent in hitting a baseball. We hope to get you on a team soon! You are always active and wanting to be a part of everything.

We love your hugs, you cuddles and the times you love to help out. Your smile is contagious your laugh is warming.
I feel so lucky to have you as my child. You really are special.
I hope that your 6th birthday is all that you hoped it would be.
I love you!


Suzanne said...

Shannon, Great pictures! What a sweet post.. Happy birthday!

arianne said...

6 already??? i cant believe how much he looks like his daddy!! what a handsome boy! happy birthday little guy!!

*Amy* said...

I hope he has a Great Birthday!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday! We love you!

Christy said...

what a great post. He is a very handsome boy. he is also very blessed to have you as his mother. hope he has a happy b-day=)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy!! man how they grow!

Kim said...

These pictures are adorable.