Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mixing things up a bit

My blog as always been a place for me to sit and write about my family, my concerns, our life, and just anything that I want to. I have always loved this as my outlet. I have met some pretty cool people, stayed in contact with lots of people and even blabbed for the entire world to see. I have a love for blogging, I really do. This is why I want to spice things up a bit. I want to meet new people, I want to help people in any way that I can.

I am going to try out a few ideas here at my blog. If you notice changes please be patient and know that I am still the same Mommy Going Crazy, and I always will be.

I want to add a few more of my ideas about motherhood. Fun things to keep the kids entertained. Ideas on how to get them working, and anything else that come up in our lives. I even want to write more about diabetes. (I know you where thinking this couldn't be possible.) We are planning a money makeover for this year and when I come across idea for that this will be a place to share all that too.

My goal with all this is to still document our lives, to still keep friends and family updated on what we are up to, but to also be a place where people can come for answers and to rant or whatever.

You may also see Google Ads in my sidebar. Here is the deal with that. I don't get the highest traffic on my blog, but I do still get some. Along with information that I might be able to provide I think that will help too. And lets be honest, for every time that someone clicks on those adds I get paid. I need extra money and if you do too I would highly recommend adding them to your blog too! Judge me if you wish.

So there you have it. Now all I need from you is to tell me what info you think I should add here. What things do you think I can help out with? (Remember, BE NICE!)


Jen said...

I think you should write about your cool neighbors...particularly about your cool red-headed neighbors.

Seriously, though, I think that you have awesome ideas about your kids and how to help keep the ideas coming!

Tristan said...

I like the ideas you mentioned. I hope you have more success with your Google Ads than I do. You only get paid if you make more than $100 a month. In a year or so I have made $30! Good thing I never really thought I would get much money from it. But I bet with the topics you want to cover you might get cooler ads than I do.

Chari said...

I'm all for whatever money ideas you have! It;s tough without a job so tell me more about how to do it (without raising a chicken).

Christy said...

i like all your ideas, especially the money saving tip's:)
I tagged you for 6 things that make you happy. check out my blog for the info.....