Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mommy's in a Time Out!

That is right. Mommy is in a time out. I just lost my temper and sent the kids to a quiet time. "But I didn't do anything wrong." Dude said. "I know buddy, mommy needs a time out!" I answered.

The kids are in their rooms. I am here being grumpy in my time out spot trying to unwind from the craziness of the morning.

I got to bed way too late last night. I was up late getting the massive packet of information filled out for the princess' Endocrinologist appointment today. (Remind me to never make a 9:00 appointment again!) We woke up far before we were all ready and were out the door facing a small snowstorm.

Normally snow isn't a big deal to me. That is when I get to drive my Jeep around town. Anyone else own a Chrysler 300? Let me save you the money and tell you if you live anywhere that it might snow....even if it is every 15 years....don't buy one. They suck in the snow! I was pretty sure that everyone on the streets this morning thought I was an idiot for sliding all over the place when there was only 1/2 an inch of snow. I drove to my sister's to drop the boy off. I was driving slow but still managed to slide past her driveway. I back up got into the driveway and put it into park. The dumb car started to slide right back down the driveway. I left it there.

I drove all over to the Endocrinologist, to pick up my hubby's check and to the bank. No problems other then the usual slip and slide. When I got back home I tried to pull up into the driveway. Pulled up, slid down. Pull up again, slid back down. I tried this a few times then decided I better just shovel the 1 INCH OF SNOW off the driveway (seems like such a waste of time). I was shoveling and wouldn't you know I totally fell. Right onto my knees and hands. I was hurting and my pride was shot.

I did get into the garage eventually where the car is officially parked until spring.

Oh and when I am not so tired and grumpy I will post about the Dr. appointment.


amy said...

That's how my little Ford Focus is too! It stinks! I got stuck in front of Bart and Lynette's last winter and they laughed and laughed for weeks every time they saw me! Great friends huh? I'm sorry about your boo-boo though! :(

KateyFae said...

I need a time! A shopping one...