Sunday, February 22, 2009

She has a what????

It has actually been an interesting weekend. One that I hope to never forget. I wanted to post about this the other day but I really didn't want to take away from Dude's birthday.

Friday we were busy getting things ready for Dude's birthday. Princess came and gave her daddy and I a hug. We both noticed that she was really hot. I took her temp 101.5. I didn't panic I just gave her Motrin, did a glucose test (yes it was a little high 278) and off she went to play in her room. She hadn't complained or had any other signs that she was getting sick. I honestly thought that we would just see what happens. (don't worry the story continues. My daughter having a fever isn't what is amazing about all this.)

I got out our folder of diabetes information that was given to us from the doctor on what guidelines he wants us to follow when she gets sick. Right in the middle of reading over it the phone rings. I looked at the caller id and wouldn't you know it, it was her endocrinologist! COMPLETELY out of the blue. I hadn't been waiting to hear from him or anything! I picked it up and this is how the conversation went.

Dr. Chad: "Hi! I was just looking at the princess' chart and thought I would call and see how things were going."

Me: "Wow, well I am pretty surprised you are calling right now. She just came to me less than 5 minutes ago and I realized she had a fever."

Dr. Chad: "Oh I was just thinking I should call to see how things were going, but it looks like it was perfect timing. (Um, yea I think so!) Has she had any signs of being sick or complaining of hurting anywhere?"

Me: "No. Not really."

Dr. Chad: "Well you need to get her into the Dr. today. Call her pediatrician and try to get her in before the weekend.

Me: "Really? Shouldn't I wait to see if she starts to show any other signs?"

Dr. Chad. "Nope. Get her in today if you can. Kids that have diabetes tend to get really really sick from infections. Their immune system has a hard time kicking it. Since she has a fever that is sign enough."

Me: totally thinking it is jumping the gun a little said "Ok, I will see what I can do."

So I called her pediatrician's office. They had one appointment left for that afternoon. I took it still thinking that I was over reacting. But I couldn't help but think there was a reason that her Endo called completely out of the blue. I needed to listen to him.

I took her in. I told the Dr. that her Endo was MAKING me bring her in. While we were talking about possible symptoms the Dr. thought that maybe it was the beginnings of the flu. They immediately did a flu test. They continued checking her out just in case. One look in one ear and there was the problem. An ear infection. A look in the other ear confirmed it since that one was worse than the first. Yup! A double ear infection that was on a scale of 1-10 (ten being the worse) was an 8! Crazy! (the flu test was negative)

So yes, my Princess is sick and did get a little worse that night, but I am so grateful that her Endo called when he did. I wouldn't have even thought twice about taking her in until things got worse. I can't help but feel he was inspired to call us to teach me at a moment where I needed to be taught so I could get her care when she needed it.

Since she was diagnosed we have been blessed, inspired, watched out for and taken care of in more ways than I feel I deserve! What a great experience it was!

I have had all weekend to think if I have missed any symptoms of her being sick since it is a pretty bad ear infection. I did remember once that she said something about her ear, but she never acted in pain about it. We think that she is building a pretty strong pain tolerance from her shots. She has been complaining and crying over her leg hurting really bad. This brings up new concerns that I am starting to get worried about. I hope they are nothing, but I do plan on talking to her Dr. this week about it. Her leg was in so much pain tonight (even after giving her Motrin for her fever) that she wanted to get into the bath. She ended up just screaming and sobbing over the pain. I feel so bad for her. I will keep things posted on that. For now we are grateful that her ear infection was caught when it was and didn't get any worse!


Stephanie said...

MAN poor girl! I hope her leg is just growing pains! Isnt it nice when H.F watches over his sick children by giving us parents the little push we need to take care of them! :)... I hope this week goes better for you guys

Ellen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your little girl. I hope she starts to feel better soon. Thank goodness for the dr. listening to the spirit. Amazing how H.F. works in ways we don't even imagine.

Greg and/or Angie said...

Wow! What a story. Nate just finished antibiotics for an ear infection. Also, about a week ago his stomach hurt and he was in a lot of pain. I've never seen him like that and we were pretty worried. He was fine after about an hour and hasn't complained since. Makes me wonder if the medicine can cause unexplained random pain. Who knows? Maybe we can ask at the expo. Hope to see you there. We are helping with registration.

Becky and Bryce said...

I love how you find tender mercies in everything in your life. You are amazing to me. Hope she feels better soon.

Kim said...

Wow, you can just feel that he was inspired to call. Amazing. What a great thing to cherish and remember. I will continue to pray for her that she gets better and especially so they can figure out what it wrong with her leg. Hopefully it is just growing pains.

Tony Rose said...

WOW, that was a nice coincidence. I've had the double ear infections with my little one and they are seriously no fun. They ended up doing tubes, which was a godsend. No problems and no infections at all after that.

FYI - blood sugars tend to run higher when your body is fighting an infection on those sick days.