Monday, July 06, 2009

BBQ With Friends

We were invited over to a friends house for a BBQ the other day. We had some great food, awesome company, the kids played great together, and best of all an entire table full of stuff for S'mores. The recipe for the perfect night!

Little Man got his clothes all wet and went around most of the night with just a diaper on. It didn't slow him down! Here he is playing in the sandbox with his "Buddy".

This is NaTasha and Matt. They were the hosts of the BBQ and honestly two of the coolest people I know!

Oh he is going to kill me for posting this picture! This is usually what I get when I tell him to smile. Such a smart alec!
The S'more table! This isn't even all of it either. We tried something new this night! It was DELICIOUS! Graham crackers with sliced strawberries, chocolate bar, and toasted marshmallow! YUMMY!

We always love sitting around a bon fire with good friends and good food! It doesn't take much for us to be entertained!

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