Monday, July 06, 2009

Family Adventure- Deer Valley Picnic

We have still been doing our family adventures, but I have been a slacker on my blog lately and haven't posted about them. I did have some great pictures of our little trip up to Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City the other day. Daddy was going to be working up in Park City for a little bit so we decided to take a lunch and tag along.

We sat on the grass at the bottom of a ski lift, ate our lunch and played. It was beautiful! There wasn't any better place to sit and eat PB&J's and apples.

The kids had a great time playing around. The walked all over the place!

That was until Little Man's shoe fell off. Dude carried him to the grass so we could put it back on. This was a pretty tender moment. It just goes to show how much he loves his little brother!

I am so grateful for our family adventures! It has really helped us to enjoy our time together and to get out of the house. I really hope that we are making memories for our children that they will remember as the best times of their life. I know they are for me!

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