Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day!

There are so many things happening here at our house! I have about a gazillion pictures to share and about as many more stories.

Despite all the craziness I can't stop being nervous for tomorrow. We have our very first pump training class tomorrow morning. This has all happened a little quick. Once Medicaid gave us the approval on the pump it was here a few days later. The doctor's office doesn't really want to put her on a saline trial since she will be starting school in exactly one month. They want to have as much time on the pump before I send her off to her first day of Kindergarten (whaa!)

Don't get me wrong, I am so excited for her. But have any of you seen her? She isn't very big! I still don't know how she is going to have this attached to her all the time. How we are going to stick her with this needle (that was a little longer than I though) in any fat? She doesn't really have any! And where am I going to store the pump? I just know that if I put it in a pocket (like there would be room in there anyway, her pockets are so small) or attach it to the top of her pants her little pants (that are always saggy anyway) will fall right to her ankles. I am sure this will all get worked out over time, but all day today this is what I keep thinking about.

So in other big news our little dude's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow! FINALLY! He will have a super short summer, since he starts up again in 3 weeks! Anyway, we got a call from the school yesterday saying he was going to receive an award and it will be given to him in the assembly tomorrow (which was today. got that?) Well he was awarded the Citizenship award. Apparently this is like the student of the year award! Yea that's right STUDENT OF THE YEAR!!! There is one child awarded from each class and Dude was it for his class! I am so proud of him! His teacher had so many nice things to say about him! What a great kid I have! You should have seen him smiling ear to ear when they gave him the trophy! He also got the Distinguished Bear Cub award for reaching all the kindergarten goals this year! YAY DUDE! I just have to say that all that this family has been through this past year, I am just so glad that he has still been able to concentrate! We really are so proud of him!

So I really do need to get caught up with all these pictures I have been taking! Some will really make you laugh! I have a few stories that will make you cry too, but I will get to those last! Wish us luck tomorrow! It is going to be a big day for everyone!


Chelsea said...

You are very resourceful and creative! Maybe you can (Or have your grandma) whip up a way cute belt with a pocket for the pump. Something soft and stretchy. That you can clip on cute bows that will match her outfits. She seems like a smart cookie (probably got that from her mom!) and I am sure she will get the hang of it!

And congrats to Little Dude! That is so awesome!

RaCeNMoMmY said...

I'm not sure the size of the pump or if there is a specific location you have to put it. But wondering if something like an ipod case & strap would work. Then you could put it around her waist or something. Actually I think Saylor has something like that. Ask Kari she'd know. I'm sure they will tell you tomorrow as well. Good luck. How exciting. That's awesome about Dude as well. Sounds like he's starting school out on the right foot!!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I know through Mini Med there is a backpack for the pump that the younger kids can wear. I'm sure they will tell you tomorrow what you can do. Good luck.

Holly said...

I like Chelsea's suggestion...maybe even a purse-looking, Hello Kitty kind of thing.