Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A lesson in Forgiveness

This story goes back a few months ago when I went to pick Little Dude up from school. I was talking to his teacher when I felt a tug on my jacket. I looked down to this cute little girl giving my a funny look. Without hesitation she said to me "Um, just so you know, your boy has a crush on me!" Then she runs off. I have never seen dude's face a brighter shade of red! I kind of teased him about it (come on you would have too!) and asked him if it was true. The response I got of "NO!!" was more comical than anything else.

So fast forward a few months. Dude came home from school absolutely mortified. Right away he said that he was hanging on the monkey bars during recess and this same little girl came up to him and pulled his pants down! She got in BIG trouble and was sent to the principals office. He was pretty miffed! I was a little too! I have never seen him more embarrassed in my life! He came home for the next few days and talk about how she sat on the playground and cried at recess because her punishment was not being able to play. This made dude feel really bad! He hated seeing her cry.

We were talking about it one day and I told him to maybe talk to her about it. He wasn't sure what to say to her. I asked if he was still mad at her for pulling his pants down. He said he wasn't so I told him to maybe tell her that it was ok and that they could still be friends.

I hadn't heard anything more about it so I assumed that everything was ok. From the fact that he got her phone number at school today and was dieing to call her when he got home just goes to show that he forgives her, and that they in fact are still friends!

The lesson to learn here is to not hold a grudge against the one that pants you on the playground at school! Everyone can be forgiven!


Jennifer said...

I was so glad to "find" you all over again! I hope things are better for you here!

Holly said...

The ironic thing about kids this age is pulling his pants down probably was her way of saying "I think you're cute". Just like little boys annoy girls they like. Too funny.

Jen said...

Oh, too bad you didn't tell me this a few weeks ago - I could have used it in my talk! (I would have changed names, of course!)