Monday, July 06, 2009

The Citizenship Award

We got a call the other day from the school saying that Little Dude was going to get a special award called the Citizenship award in the assembly the next day. We were invited to attend to watch him receive it.

The Citizenship award is the student of the year award for his class. Each teacher picked one student to receive it. Dude got it for his class! We are so proud of him! His teacher has so many nice things to say about him. She said that we should be really proud since he is a great student and friend to others in his class. He has been taking his trophy around showing it off to grandparents and family! It is so nice to see him proud of his success!

He also received a metal for the Distinguished Bear Cub award. They receive this when they reach all the goals set for their grade. What a successful Kindergarten year!

Here he is getting his Bear Cub award from his teacher.

Here he is getting his Citizenship award from the principal. The smile on his face cracks me up. He gets goofy when he is embarrassed. Just like his mom!

What a good kid!

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