Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ahhh...I love these girls!

Dear NaTasha and Amy,

I had the best time in Long Beach with you! We should do it once a week. Ok maybe once a month! Either way, we MUST do it again! I came home feeling refreshed and like me again.

There aren't many people that can say they flew to Long Beach, spent the entire day chatting in the hotel room and watching TV and still loved it! The shopping the next day was awesome too! Even in the pouring rain! Too bad we never did find the golashes, but I think I came home with THE coolest umbrella ever!

I am still thanking the heavens above for my cat like reflexes that saved our lives when I realized I was driving down the street going the wrong way, and for Karen the Computer Wife (aka the GPS) for helping us get back on track when I missed the freeway exit twice in a row.

There are a few things that will never be the same though. Like making waffles. Who knew they were so hard to make? And my elbow. With holding the extra small umbrella and everything else in my hand I swear I didn't see that pole right in front of me. Too bad my face was the last thing to see it.

I can't stop laughing about our miss-booking for our 2 double beds for our 2nd night there! Expedia really needs to be told that the "Dreamcatcher Room" is not suitable for 3 adult, heterosexual woman, and that it infact does NOT have 2 double beds. The owners were really nice and it was cute despite the 2 headless women in the hallway. Honestly, there would have been a better story to tell if we actually did stay there. I think I better keep the "theme rooms" for a stay with just me and my hubby! LOL!

We need to be grateful that this trip was still able to happen. I can't believe that the night before we left the airport was closed down because it had flooded. We made it though and walking through a river to get inside the airport was not really all that bad. The stress of the flight home was a little more than I could bear. Leaving the two of you to sleep in the airport (since you refused to spend the night together in the "lover's lounge") was not what I wanted to do. THANK GOODNESS they packed us all onto that flight like sardines. Well maybe I felt a little more like a sardine because I was strapped to a board at the very back of plane squished next to 2 other strangers, and left to fly backwards. Did I tell you yet that flying jumpseat isn't very fun? Who cares though, because we all made it home together!

Really, let's do this again soon!

Much Love,


Eric and Hannah said...

sounds like you 3 girls had a memorible trip!! Glad you were able to go!!! :)

Amy Mitchell said...

Wow!!! What a good recounting of the crazy events!!! You forgot to mention our matching Target hats, the elevator/urinal, NaTasha almost puking from car sickness, signs on EVERY shop door stating "We DO NOT SELL UMBRELLAS OR RAIN BOOTS!",the dead dog story (sniff, poor Waldo), asking every passerby WHERE they got their cute galoshes, are Creme de la Crepe...that smelled like moldy dog! hahaha Obviously I had a SUPER time too!!! I love you so much and I am so glad we got to blow off a little steam! We are DEFINITELY going again!!! <3

phonelady said...

love the sardine reference LOL !!

Holly said...

This sounds like hell, so you know you must have been with good friends if it was fun!

Wendy said...

SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I'm jumping up and down for you :)