Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few questions.

Ok I have a few questions for some of my D-moms out there.

#1 We got a blood ketone tester and I am still trying to figure out what the results mean. My tired little brain just can't seem to understand the instructions book.

#2 It seems like my Little Man can not stop eating! I am sure that being 2 and being restricted to when he can eat makes him want to rebel and eat all the time. But how do I know that I am not starving him?

and last but not least

#3 How do we do this everyday and stay sane again?

Love you guys! Thanks in advance for all your help!


Jennifer said...

As far as #3...I have no idea. LOL.

#1...there is a chart somewhere in the book that says the numbers, not sure where since I am at work and don't have my instruction book with me.

#2...Jada is hungry all of the time as well. I don't limit her too much except to eat at meal and snack times but she can eat three granola bars at a time or three bags of cheese nips. She is on a pump though so I am not sure about yours. It is tough to hear "I'm hungry" all of the time. It seems there is the bottomless pit in there.

Joanne said...

As for #1, we were told anything below 1.5 is considered trace, 1.5 - 2.5 is small/mod, and anything above 2.6 is large.

#2 - when Elise goes through growth spurts, all she wants to do is eat, eat, eat.

#3 - If you find the answer, please let me know.

:) Tracie said...

#1..have no clue what that is, sorry. We use the urine keytone strips.

#2..maybe he's on a growing spurt? You could up the carbs per meal he has and that might cause him not to want to "graze" the rest of the time. I have to do that with Jessi.

#3..we do it with the grace of The Lord and the knowledge that He will be with us. Even when we don't feel it, which can be more often than not because we aren't trusting in Him as much as we should be. (at least personally I feel like that sometimes)

Amy said...

1. What Joanne said! :)

2. Maybe a growth spurt...Maybe up the carbs at meal times or offer him something like a slice of turkey or ham w/a piece of cheese...that sometimes helps to fill Jada up and hold her off until snack time. Jada loves peanut butter suckers- about a Tblsp of peanut butter on a spoon.

3.Well...ya know....what Joanne said!

Meri said...

#1 Answered, thanks Joanne. :)

#2 I used to tell the boys before pumps, if you want an 'extra' snack, I will give you one, but you'll need a shot. It is your choice. Sometimes they wanted it, sometimes they passed.

#3 Sorry Shannon, I lost my sanity years ago. It doesn't look good for you. But honestly, it's a little freeing. :)

Shamae said...

I remember how hungry Syd used to get. Morgan is like that sometimes too...for lunch she had a whole orange. 2 hotdogs. 1 hotdog bun and 6 tortilla chips. Can we say hungry? ;)


Hallie said...

#1: We use the urine test strips. Sorry- not any help there!

#2: We have Avery eat cheese or turkey or something carb free between meals & snacks. We keep a wide variety of cheese on hand, hard boiled eggs, eggs to scramble, cottage cheese, and lunch meat. You can almost feel your arteries clogging, can't you? If she wants sweet, we do sugar free gum or sugar free suckers (2g carbs each) or her daily vitamin. Thing is, Avery's not much into eating. She has more important things to do, I guess. So- sorry! I guess that's not much help!

#3: what? You mean you aren't ready crazy? I went loco a LONG time ago.... So I guess I'm not much help there either!

Wow! I'm just a big ball of useless today! Hope you get your answers!

Wendy said...

#1 -- I can't remember. The strips expired before we needed them and our insurance doesn't cover them :(

#2 -- Addy is a total grazer. I try to let her eat whenever she's hungry, but I DO set a limit an hour before dinner and I DO insist that she eats some carb free snacks - especially if we're in a storm and I need to check her more frequently.

Fortunately, she likes to dip...carrots, celery, (frozen - yes, I said frozen) green beans, cucumbers, grape tomatoes. Dipped in Ranch or (yes) peanut/almond/cashew butter, or strawberry cream cheese

Lunch meat and cheese roll ups.

Half a frozen Go-Gurt

Sugar Free snow cones (made at home)

A few slices of apples - more dip

A pack (ehum, or 2) of CHICKLETS :)

Some plain popcorn - might sprinkle with butter flavor or splenda :)

Handful of nuts - Blue Diamond makes 100 cal/4c almond packs...and they have a chocolate flavor that ROCKS!!!

Standard SF Jello/Popsicles/Whipped Cream

Boiled eggs

#3 -- JESUS!

Laura said...

Well - I think you've got your answers. Sorry I was too late to help! :-)

We use the ketone meter too and I really like it.

Sanity may be overrated!

Stephanie said...

All I have to say is you are amazing!! I always think of you when I feel overwhelmed with my kiddos! You are so strong!
chocolate is my getaway!

Holly said...

I don't know any of these answers but I did want to stop in, say hi and see if we can all hang out some time!

Jennie said...

I learned the niftiest thing about the blood ketone meter so I am sharing it with you. If your ketone test strips are expired, you can just changed the date in your meter before that. I got this tid-bit of info from the diabetes nurse herself. Hope it helps! I know by the time we needed to use our meter our strips are always expired. I back dated the meter and it worked like a charm!