Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Call me crazy....

It's ok everyone else does.

But I feel I have a few good excuses.

The first being diabetes.

The second is having two kids with diabetes.

Ok I know I use that as an excuse for everything. I find myself telling random people to "Oh just ignore my crazy children. They are a little high right now."

Never do I realize that person doesn't get it.

However, I do enjoy the times when I ask the kids in public if they are high and someone hears it then gives me a nasty look. Do they REALLY TRULY think that my 5 year old and 2 year old are ACTUALLY high on drugs? Come on! These are moments every parent of a diabetic has and enjoys. Call it one of the very few perks.

I have been reading over some of my blog posts lately and I have decided reading my blog isn't any fun anymore. All I do is complain or talk about diabetes. Or complain about diabetes. I do have a life outside of diabetes. And believe it or not, I actually do have another child. You may not remember though, he is the older non-diabetic one. Poor kid has been getting the shaft here on my blog. Lots of things are actually. I kind of miss posting about non diabetic things.

But don't fear, I am leaving diabetes all together for a few days. When I get back I am going to be refreshed and ready to be my old self again. Hopefully anyway. And if not then you can just keep calling me crazy.


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Diabetes has been a big part of your life. Don't regret telling your story or the valuable testimony building experiences you have had with it. One day diabetes will become second nature. It could be months from now or years down the road. Just know that whatever takes the spotlight on your blog you are loved and supported. I'm sure your Little Dude understands as well as the other aspects of your life you haven't spent as much time blogging about. Keep smiling.

phonelady said...

well then we all must be crazy . I know I was when my kids were at home and it seemed like I did not sleep for 21 years LOL !!!

Meri said...

Welcome to the crazy club friend!

Have a WONDERFUL few days off! I blogged about it before...but let me give you some advice...

*Enjoy every minute.
*You are allowed to feel guilty for the first two hours, and then let it go.
*It doesn't count as a vacation if you worry.
*Don't let your husbands hard work go to waste...RELAX and ENJOY!
*When you come back...Diabetes will still suck, nothing will really have changed. You will be more relaxed for awhile, but if you don't enjoy that vacation, it will all be for nothing.

Am I making my point????

Love ya!

:) Tracie said...

Cut yourself some slack!

Just think of your blog as your mental getaway from diabetes. Here you can vent, express, question, scream and justify every bit of what you're dealing with without worrying about overdoing it in your daily life away from the computer.

And for the record...you're not the only crazy one, we're all running the asylum!!! Now get back to your room!!! LOL

Momof4 said...

Hi! I am new to your blog and this post really made me LOL!! I find myself asking my kids constantly if they are "high" and get the nasty looks. Little do they know I mean diabetes "high".
I feel your pain, I have two girls with diabetes and my husband as well. I hope all is well!

Wendy said...

You have a nice getaway - nurse's orders :)

We'll be here when you get back...and, guess what, if you blog about your chickens it's okay. I can't wait to learn more about Shannon's world!!!!

Just don't leave the circuit. We love you :)

Shamae said...

Whether venting or not, we still love ya!! We get it! We've been/are there too!! You got our support! Have a great time!

Holly said...

Enjoy your getaway - you deserve it!