Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wanna know?

Incase you care...

~My laptop doesn't have photoshop on it. I can't post pictures here cuz all I shoot in is RAW and I can't resize them. Hence the lack of "cuteness" on my blog.

~I am happy today. Really happy. And I don't know what makes today any different than any other not so fun day, but I am taking it! It has been awhile.

~My sister in law got engaged and I am SUPER DUPER happy for her! She is marrying a great guy and they will live happily ever after. I am sure of that!

~My trip to Long Beach was FANTASTIC!! I needed to just go away and hang out. We went on a 2 day hunt for golashes and umbrellas. I bought THE last umbrella in all of Southern California and it was a Lightning McQueen one. Little Man was one happy camper when I brought it home! I honestly loved every minute of my little getaway! Next time I am hoping to hop on a plane and getaway with my hubby. Now wouldn't that be awesome?

~My little speech for the JDRF was rescheduled. Someone got word that I was coming and started to 2nd guess the whole thing all together. Ok not really, but I was getting really excited about it. Now I just have more time to polish my lame jokes and find a talent for not crying in public.

~Little Dude has found a series of books that have him totally engrossed in reading lately. Anyone ever read The Adventures of Captain Underpants? I swear they were written for him. I even laugh out loud when reading them. Reading time is quite enjoyable at our house lately.

~I found out why Little Dude has been sneaking so much food lately. First let me tell you that he doesn't know how to tell anyone that he feels low yet. The only thing that I have been able to catch on to is when he says "Mommy, I need you." That means that he is a not well. But I have realized that when he has been getting into the food he is low. This has been hard for me to catch on to, but lately when I test him after he has gotten into the food he hasn't gone "too" high. I think that his breakfast carb ratio is too high. We shall see, a few more days of monitoring really close and I might need to make a few changes.

~I am totally addicted to The Bachelor. I don't even know how it happened. It got recorded on my DVR on accident and now my hubby and I find ourselves on the couch every week. Insane I tell you. But don't worry my heart still belongs to American Idol.

~My kids woke up this morning with some really tough questions that they wanted me to answer while I was still half asleep. Really! Check it out! The VERY first thing my Princess asks me before she is even out of bed all the way "Why do we need belly buttons?"

There now you know just about everything there is to know about my last week. Consider yourself updated by another really lame bullet point post.

your welcome :)


Meri said...

Hello! My 8 year old is OBSESSED with captain underpants! He will read for hours. Now he also is into Diary of a Whimpy Kid.

WE too have a lightning Mcqueen umbrella!

And I can't wait for your speech! Oh how I wish I could be a fly on the wall! I would fly up the nose of anyone who looked unfriendly. :)

Amy said...

My boys LOVE Captain Underpants....we've had the series for a year, but the pages are all dogeared like we've had them forever!

So glad you got away...sounds wonderfully relaxing....wish I could get away!

I love lame bullet point updates too! ;)

Lora said...

SOOO why do we need belly buttons??? lol :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

We love Captain Underpants around here too!

phonelady said...

Yeah for the belly buttons LOL !!!

Renata Porter said...

Both of my kids read Captian Underpants, even my daughter. However, my son wasn't allowed to bring the books to class. (give me a break!)

I think it's pretty cool that something in your son is telling him he doesn't feel right and he needs to eat.

Holly said...

Hilarious about the "tough questions". I thought for sure they were going to ask the meaning of life. Robbie's been very curious lately about how the baby is going to get out of Toby's cousin's very pregnant body. That one's tough to explain on little sleep.

Laura said...

Just wait for the really tough one . . . where do babies come from??

Emma told me they come from the hospital. Yep! They sure do - most of the time. :-)

Glad we are friends - love your bullet point post!

Beth said...

I credit Captain Underpants with finally getting my son to enjoy reading - it was like pulling teeth to get him to read until he discovered those! :)

Wendy said...

Captain Underpants...Hmmmmm...very interesting, if I do say so myself. Never heard of this Captain Underpants - but I have a feeling I might run across him one day.

So happy you're happy.

Love. YOU.