Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I am so tired.

Diabetes is a beast sometimes.

I wish I could just forget about it sometimes.

I have so much to say but all my mind can muster most of the time is planning when I get to take a nap.

Maybe diabetes isn't the culprit, maybe there is something wrong with me.

I guess going to bed after 12 doesn't help.


Meri said...

I'm having a no good rotten day too! But, I love you! And I am with you...diabetes is still sucky in 2010.

Go to my blog...I have something there for you... :)

Hallie said...

There is nothing wrong with you. I can only imagine how overwhelmed you must feel. Dealing with one diabetic child kicks my butt most of the time. I wish there something I could do to help. Is there? Know that I - WE- get it. Get the fog. The exhaustion. The worry. The pain. The neverendingness of it all. You don't even have to say the words- we know. We love you! And we are here to help! Hugs!!

phonelady said...

Yes we are all here and we all know about being tired of it all . Yes d rears it s ugly head and yep kicks our butt everyday but we do it just the same and yeah we get it and we are here for you . Let us know if we can help . We love you and your family shannon . God bless and hugs my dear friend.

Wendy said...


I just want to put my arms around you and tell you everything is going to be okay.

Laura said...

Hey Shanon - it's wordless Wednesday anyway. Let's take a group nap!

Ready Set Nap!!!

Hugs to you! I feel your exhaustion (well at least 1/2 of it).

Love ya!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Diabetes is hard. And I'm sorry you are so exhausted. I have no idea what it must be like for you having to constantly worry about, monitor, and take care of your two little diabetics. I'm giving you a cyber hug.

Holly said...

Two kids with diabetes is probably a lot like having newborn twins - but with an extra helping of worry to round things out. Of course you're tired.