Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can I get a bowl of caffeinated ice cream with extra sugar on top?

Now I know that a bowl of caffeinated ice cream with extra sugar on top doesn't sound good, but i think that it might help me out a bit. Last night just after dinner I realized that it had been a really long time since I had felt the baby move. When I say a long time I mean that I couldn't remember when I had last felt him move. So I thought that I would have a bowl of ice cream and a glass of sprite. After I laid down and just waited. Well an hour and 30 minutes later still nothing. I started to get really worried. So I called the on call doctor.

When he called me back about 30 minutes later (now two hours past the time that I had started to worry, and still no movement) he said that it would be best to go into Labor and Delivery and just get things checked out. So I get the kids out of bed (it was about 10:00 or later) and head to my parents' house to drop them off. (My parents are the best! Thanks Mom and Dad!) My husband and dad gave me a blessing before we headed off to the hospital and that calmed me down quite a bit.

My parents live less than 10 minutes away from us and the hospital is literally in between our houses, but it was snowing like crazy outside. We got there in no time still and they got me all hooked up. The second they found his heart beat, I took a really deep breath of relief! It was the most comforting feeling ever! Still there wasn't much movement at all though. So while laying there I started to tell the nurse that I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks Contractions too. She just kind of said "Yea I can see that, we will keep an eye on it for a little bit."

Then I felt it! He moved a really big move. I thought, "Oh sure! Wait until I panic and go to the hospital to move!" but I was really happy to feel it anyway! I was instructed to push the button every time I felt him move. It was almost like he wouldn't stop after that point. Everything was fine.

Then we realized that my Braxton Hicks were VERY regular, like every few minutes regular. Not lasting long and not strong at all, but it was a little strange that they were so regular. She checked me and I hadn't dilated any more so she just thought that it was because of it snowing outside. (I guess that makes women contract. Hummm, interesting!)

Then the baby moved a really big move again. This time though, the monitor stopped picking up his heart beat. The nurse came in and was trying to find it. Nothing. I start to panic a little. So she started to feel were the baby was, and just realized that he had moved to the face up position. She looked at me and said "There is why you are having a hard time feeling him move! When the baby is face up it is much harder to feel his movements." She got his heartbeat again, and I took another deep breath.

I was able to come home a little later, and everything is ok. He is nestled in the face up position and I keep getting worried that I can't feel him. Then he will move a little, and I feel better. That is why I want the caffeinated ice cream with the extra sugar. Maybe if I keep him hyped up on that he will move more, and I will worry less!


alisonwonderland said...

i'm glad the little guy is okay. that's a scary feeling.

i guess i believe the relationship of snow to contractions. i was induced with my Sugar Plum on a Monday and she wasn't born until Tuesday - until after a big, big snow storm came through and got me laboring sufficiently to make it possible.

take care! it won't be long now!

Courtney said...

That must have been really nerve wracking!!! I don't think we stop worrying until they are born! I'm glad to hear things are OK. Take it easy... You will be holding your little one before you know it!

Morgan said...

I too was just at the hospital for contractions. It makes you want to throw up doesn't it. Takes for stopping at my blog. Hope to se you more.

Christal said...

Glad to hear (or read) that you and lil dude are BOTH ok! Also thought that the MCqueen Cake was adorable! Kepp us posted... You almast there! Christal

Christal said...

Sorry, I can't spell or type today! HA HA! Anyway, please keep us posted!

arianne said...

hey, I saw your link to your blog from Leslies blog. your kids are getting SO big. That is exciting you are having another baby so soon, congratulations. Also your new house looks really nice, where is it? Hope all is well with your family.

mommygoingcrazy said...


It was so nice to hear from you! Send me an email with your address on it and I will let you know where my new house is and stuff!

I hope all is going well with your family too! Stop by again soon!

arianne said...

here is my email address I am glad your doctors appt went well today. Sounds like things are moving right a long. How exciting for your family.