Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pretty Funny!

A new blogger friend stopped by to say hi, and sent me a little email. So naturally I had to go check out her blog. It looks like it is relatively new, but with reading her posts, I can't wait for more.

Check out this post, it had me laughing out loud. Very well written, and so many can relate!

Let's all welcome her into the blogging world!


Gretchen said...


I see you're expecting a new little one, what a very exciting time for you and your family!

I'll check back often to keep up to date!

alisonwonderland said...

i went over to visit Gretchen, but i couldn't find a way to leave a comment or email or anything! so ...

welcome to the blogosphere, Gretchen. i love the theme song! as a former Los Angeles-ite, i'm curious about which L.A. suburb you're in.

thanks, mommygoingcrazy, for introducing us to Gretchen! i'm anxiously awaiting further baby news!