Monday, March 12, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

Now that song is going to be stuck in everyone's head. You're welcome! Today was a bit of a busy day. Little dude had a field trip to a new children's museum here in Salt Lake. I really didn't want to go with them so my hubby took part of the day off work to take him. They had a really good time! What a good dad to take the day off to spend it with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds and their mom's! Little dude was really excited to spend time with his daddy, and do something fun!

I had another doctor's appointment. Things are still looking good! He checked things out and I am dilated now to a 1 1/2 and 70% thin so he said that he will induce me on the 28th! He made the appointment and so we are all set! If the baby doesn't come on his own by then then we will be at the hospital bright and early on the 28th! I am super excited! We will see if I make it to then though. I have had tons of pretty hard contractions every day. The walks are really helping I think. I still have a few more weeks, so I can't get too excited!

We are still going for walks every day and we are all really enjoying it! It has been so nice here that it is hard to not want to be outside! Little dude played outside with all his friends for hours today! It was great! Tomorrow it is supposed to be about 68 degrees! You can count on us playing out there again tomorrow!

On the other hand Saturday night was date night at our house. Daddy took little princess to the Utah Jazz basketball game, and she had a BLAST! She came home so hyper and so happy! So while they were gone I thought it would be fun just to spend time with the little dude alone. We went to dinner and went and rented How to Eat Fried Worms. (Typical boy movie!) We popped popcorn and watched the movie, then cuddled in my bed and watched the news until daddy and princess got home. When they got home the had surprised us with a milk shake! So we all sat in my bed at 10:30 and ate our milk shakes! What a great night for all of us!

Well that is about all the info that is exciting at our house! Have a great week everyone!

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Katkat said...

I just love days like that, ones where things feel right and all is good.