Friday, March 16, 2007

Feeling a little too great!

Here I am 1 week and 4 days (or so) until I have a baby and you would think that I would be miserable. I'm not, and I can't believe it! I have so much energy that one walk a day doesn't seem to cut it. I have been spending most of my time outside playing with the kids (we are all so sun burnt) and just doing things to keep us occupied. I have even been sleeping better! It is great! My back doesn't hurt as much, my hips don't hurt as much, and my legs are feeling a little less jumpy.

They say that most people get more energy before they have the baby, but I have never felt this great being this pregnant before. It is strange though, I am not really all that concerned with going into labor right now. I am not really to the point of having the "get this baby out of me now" attitude yet. There have been 2 people that were due after me already have their babies and I find myself only a little jealous.

I do feel bad for my friend (Yay I have a new friend in my new neighborhood!) that is due tomorrow. She goes on a walk with me every day, and still nothing. I hope for her sake that she has him soon, she is so ready! Maybe I will have to take her a special treat tomorrow just to get her mind off of it for a few minutes.

So anyway, I feel great and I am loving it! It makes it so much easier to look at the next week or so with a little happiness and not misery! I can't wait to hold my little guy and get him here, but I am very glad that I can feel good enough to keep on going for a little longer.

***** UPDATE*****
My friend had her baby this morning. Right on her due date! I am so excited for her. Now I am a little jealous, but I still know that my time will be soon. Congrats to her and her family!


Suzanne said...

I'm glad you're feeling so good!!!

I still can't believe it's the end! It seems like you were just announcing that you were pg!

Katkat said...

I'm so glad you are feeling well. Being at the end can be so hard or at least that's what I've heard;)

alisonwonderland said...

i'm glad you're feeling great too! how nice that we've had such beautiful weather for you and the kids to be out in!