Monday, March 19, 2007

The Monday Review

So it looks like all I can ever think to post these days is pregnancy stuff. Sorry guys this will be over soon and you won't have to hear about my doctor's appointments and stuff. But for now that is about all that you are going to get.

I went to my doctor's appointment today. There was a mix of happy things and stressful things to report. First the happy. I lost 2lbs in the last week! I was thrilled about this, but I am not sure if my doctor was. Also I am now dilated to a 2 and 75% thin. Just enough to get me started on the 28th so I am not even worried about that at all. I think that when the storm blows through in the next few days things will change a little bit. They say that stormy weather helps. We will see.

Next the stressful. My blood pressure was just a little bit high. Nothing to worry about though, just annoying. Also I have a rash that is driving me crazy. I guess that it is very common when you are this far along. I remember getting it a little on my tummy just before little dude was born, but this is much worse. I have it all over my tummy and on both arms. Oh well, I can be a walking freak just as long as it only last for the 9 more days that I have left.

Then there is the really stressful. In the last week I have been having a little trouble feeling the baby move again. He is moving, but nothing close to the 10 - 12 kicks an hour. So I just thought that I would see what my doctor had to say about it, so I let him know today. He didn't act too worried but just enough to have me scheduled for an ultra sound and a stress test right away. So I called my hubby and down the stairs I went to have a little look at the little guy to see if things are ok. Things are actually pretty good. The mystery to not being able to feel him move very much is a combination of two things. He is really squished. (I kind of expected that.) The other is that I have more amniotic fluid than normal. So the way that the doctor put it is that he is swimming in there. Every time he moves I can't feel it because of the extra fluid. That was really comforting to know. So as long as I can still feel him move every now and then I am not going to worry. He looks great in there!

In fact, I finally got to see his face in the ultra sound today. Before he was facing the wrong way so I didn't get to see it. But today we got a really good shot. It was so clear! It was almost looking at a black and white picture. We got a few to bring home, I will have to see if I can scan them and get them posted. I am happy to report that this kid has big cheeks and big lips just like his older brother. The ultra sound tech even checked to see if he had hair, and she said there was some! I got to see him move his lips and his eyebrows. He is weighing in at approximately 6 lbs 12 oz. Lets just hope that he doesn't get too much bigger. I don't want another 8lb 5 oz baby, it was a little tough. It was AMAZING to see him! So different than at 20 weeks!

Even though it was a little stressful we passed the non stress test, and now we are just waiting for the 28th (or sooner) for his arrival. Seeing his face today totally made my week, and I have a feeling that because of my excitement the next 9 days are going to go by really slow! I feel great still, that is a bonus!


Becky said...

YAY that things are good!!! WOW!! only 9 more days??? It will be here before you know it!!! My #2 was 8lb 12 oz....REALLY, REALLY, hoping this one is NOT that!! heeeheeee....

Katkat said...

To see his face had to be amazing!!

MommyOutOfControl said...

Ahhh, I love that you were able to see his face! As for the rash, I had that and it sucks....mine was mostly because I have such dry skin...Eucerin helped some. Hang in there! Almost done!

arianne said...

that is exciting you were able to have another ultra sound, I bet it was cool to see his little face. sounds like things are going well, before you know it your little guy will be here! Just 7 days away!!! Good luck in your last week!!!!!