Monday, March 05, 2007

Doctor's Appointment.

Today I had another doctor's appointment. Everything is still looking good. The baby has started to move down a bit more, but I have not dilated any more. I still have a few more weeks until I am worried about that though. As normal as everything is, there was still a big shocker at my appointment though. As some of you know, I had been seeing a different doctor for the first 6 or 7 months of this pregnancy. I found out that my old doctor accepted my insurance again, so I switched back to him. I made the switch for many reasons but the biggest one is just the fact that I can totally trust him, and he is an amazing doctor. I really just wanted him to deliver this baby, as he had with my other two. I was so excited when I saw him the first time, and to be honest he was excited to see me as well.

When I get into the exam room today the nurse hands me a letter and said that I should read about some of the changes that my doctor has made. So I sit down and the very first paragraph almost has me in tears. It says that he has made the decision to not deliver any babies effective April 1st. It really hit me. Not just because it was a little bit of a shocker but I kept thinking "I just switched to him so HE could be the one to deliver this baby. My due date is April 2ND. One day off. If I go to my due date he wouldn't be able to deliver my baby!" I was also thinking of the MANY people that I know that see him as well. My cousin for one, that is due with her baby a few weeks after me. She is really sad about it!

So when the nurse came in (The doctor had been called to the ER for an emergency) I asked her what am I supposed to do? In the end she promised me that he will not let me go to my due date just so I don't have to have another doctor deliver me. I feel very lucky and totally excited! Here was my guarantee that I will not go over due! Not only for my selfish reasons, but because he wants to so that my baby will be born before he no longer delivers babies. So we talked about being induced on March 28Th, my grandma's birthday, and even though she couldn't schedule it, it looks like that will be that date to be induced. I will find out for sure next Monday, but I was assured that there wouldn't be any problems!

So I feel bad for everyone I know that is pregnant and sees the same doctor, but the entire practice has some REALLY good doctors. They will be in good hands still. And since this is my last pregnancy I can still see him for gynecology stuff! Lucky me!

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Katkat said...

I love the group of women I went to I knew who ever delived me would be great. but I know that if i had gone with one and they couldn't do it I would be so sad. I'm glad things will work out for you!