Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fresh Air

It has been so nice the last couple of days! We spent an entire afternoon outside the other day. I just couldn't bring myself to step into the house to do the dishes, another load of laundry, sort through the kids winter clothes, clean the bathroom, or scrub the floors. Instead we played with chalk and bubbles, rode bikes, played on the swing set, jumped on the trampoline and just enjoyed the sun. I couldn't resist taking some pictures.

Little Dude loves to color. With the entire driveway and the sidewalk as his canvas I thought he would spend all day here. He surprised me though. He wanted to do something else. Something that I thought was really sweet.

He wanted to teach his brother how to color on the sidewalk. He put the chalk in his hand and showed him how to do it. As soon as Little Dude let go, the chalk went right into Little Man's mouth.
Little Princess did decide that she was going to color her masterpiece. She was really into it. Literally! She had it ALL over her. Can you see the yellow chalk on her nose?
Maybe you can see it better here. She has it all down the front of her too. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was there. I love it when she is a mess sometimes. That just means that she is having a good time.

Since the chalk was of no interest to Little Man we thought we would try the bubbles. Guess where that ended up? Yup, his mouth!
Since all Little Man wanted to do was eat everything. Little Dude thought he could just play with him. He is such a good big brother. He really likes to help Little Man out and really likes to be around him. I hope that they grow up to be good friends.

He still likes to do his thing though. Like riding his skateboard down the street. He makes me laugh cuz he totally digs Tony Hawk! All he wanted for his birthday was a skate board. He will learn to ride it one day, but for now this way is safer.

He couldn't resist for long. He wanted to give his brother a ride. Little Man finally found something that he LOVED! And that he couldn't eat.

Every time I would turn around to see what the Princess was doing I got this look. All those that think she needs a hair cut raise your hand. Yea! Me too!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the sun! It has lifted my spirits and helped me out of my bubble that I have been living in all winter. Last night I did pray for rain just for today. My house needs to be cleaned really bad and I was afraid that if we had another nice day then my house would go another day messy. Looks like my prayer was answered and that I need to get to work.


RaeLynn said...

Wow--great shots Shannon. You've got a good eye for Photography!

Tash said...

saw you on Pdubs site. Love the shot with little princess on the ground with chalk on her nose and in her hand.

alisonwonderland said...

isn't the spring-ish weather so great?!

Kim said...

Looks like you had so much fun. I need to take my littles out and do the same!

The Sweet Life said...

Hooray for Spring weather. The skateboard looks like tons of fun-maybe we'll have to get us one.

Aubrey said...

So cute, it looks like you had alot of fun in the sun.