Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quotes from Marie Ricks

I did get a chance to look over my notes from my House of Order class that I took. Some nights I took better notes than others so there may be more quotes in some categories than others. I really enjoyed most of what she said.

Every night had a different topic, but occasionally we got a little off track so some things may over lap. I hope that this all makes sense. If not please feel free to email me and I will give you more input.

Topic: Clutter
~ If it is not being used it is burdening your life.
~ Part of being a woman is we will never be done, but we can be done for today.

Topic: Getting to Work/Getting others to Work
~ As long as you are nagging YOU are in charge of getting it done.
(Just a side note, she says that we should stop nagging and give the kids (or your spouse) the responsibility to get things done. Email if you need ideas on how to accomplish this.)
~ Never raise pitch or volume when mad. Use normal voice.
~ Always offer a child a choice, but never a "no" choice.
~ Do things in the Lord's Order or the Order of Firsts. (this is a topic that I need to blog on sometime. It is something that changed me.)
~ The less there is the less there will be.
~ Make things easier to put away than they are to get out.

Topic: Time Management
~ Slow down to get more done.
~ Learn to live in the center of the storm where it is always calm.
~ Life is the Lord's way to teach us and to help us serve.
~ What is the best use of my time RIGHT now?
~ Saying no to something you are saying yes to something else. Saying yes to something you are saying no to something else.
~ Distance helps you be wiser. (This is referring to when you are asked to do something. She says to tell them that you will have to think about it so you can make a wiser decision.)
~ If you say no do not explain. Enemy's won't believe your friends don't need to know why.
~ If the Lord calls accept.
~ Move things that are important to timely or away from urgent.
~ Give yourself permission to play every day.
~ Figure out the game of life.

Topic: Finances
D&C 104:78
~ The Lord will provide the blessing of getting out of debt.
~ Begin now to learn to live next month on what you made last month.
~ Don't live on credit on live on cash.
~ Gain control.
~ "I never again will borrow money."
~ Balance out your accounts every week. Have a financial review every month.

Topic: Cleaning or Chores
~ Don't put things down- put them away.
~ A house becomes a home when we work on making it so.
~ Get ready for the day (aka shower) before anything else.
~ Spend 1st hours of the day to make things neat.
~ Make it fun for the kids.
~ Have 3 hours a day of "focus" time. (the time that you focus on specific chores)

Topic: Organizing Kids
~ Kids believe they are an adult in too small of a body. Start treating them as an adult.
~ Give kids the chance to be obedient.
~ Always give them a choice.
~ Always have an adult to adult (when treating kids like adult) conversations. Never an adult to child conversation. It is demeaning to the child.
~ One way to move to motivation is isolation.
~ Go slower to get things done.
~ Decide to be in charge again.
~ Parenting is not a popularity contest.
~ We must suffer consequences sooner than later.
~ Kids must work every day.
~ It is every one's work not just ours.
~ Discipline = Consistency
~ Nagging is not mothering.
~ For every child under 20 imagination is more fun than anything else.
~ When WE help they learn to help others.
~ Children never do what you expect, only what you inspect.
~ Your children want to please you. Move them to the place that they can do that.
~ The more the person has past what they need, the harder it is to be attached.
~ Children have a hard time cleaning because they are not attached to what they have.
~ Make it more miserable to be messy than it is to be clean.
~ Your home MUST be a haven.
and lastly
~ Don't get discouraged when your kids fail you. Be consistent and creative. Don't give up. They are pushing against you to see how far they can push.


Suzanne said...

That is good stuff!!! Would you recommend the handbook?

Jenni said...

hmmn. Lovely information. Makes you feel good reading it, I can't only imagine how good it feels to put it into action. :)

Shannon said...

Suzanne, The hand book is really helpful. The best part about it is that it is all outlined for you. There are worksheets to help you through the way too. You kind of have to just take what will work for you. There are things that you may not feel is needed in your home. Almost everyone that went to the class bought the book AND LOVE it!

janet said...

oh my! I totally need this class and appreciate all the good info! Also, I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! that made my day and I appreciate you saying something! Our ten year reunion is just around the corner! Can you believe it?

stephanie said...

Thank for that! i actually needed to hear everything you wrote. my home WOULD be so much more like a haven if i did half of those!

The Sweet Life said...

Thanks for the good notes. now, if I can only bring myself to implement some of the ideas...any tips on that?