Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Poor Hubby!

Did anyone know that the banking business is very dangerous? I know the first thought is robberies right? Well did you know that you can brake your ankle working in the banking business? Yep! You can! Ask my Hubby, cuz he did it!

His branch is a brand new building. He was doing an inspection outside and rolled his ankle off a curb. It has been hurting him all weekend, but was still able to help my sister move some sheetrock, help our friend move my hubby's new green house (Thanks for the Green House Holly and Toby!) then we even walked around IKEA for awhile yesterday. When he woke up this morning he couldn't even move it, let alone walk on it. It was so bad that he ran to the Instacare before church. They did an x-ray and sure enough, it was broken.

He broke a bone that I guess doesn't happen very often. So he has to go see a specialist to see if there needs to be any surgery. I am REALLY hoping not! I feel bad for him though. He can't get around. I hope that he starts to feel better soon! Love you honey!

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