Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cousins, Bread, Toys, Mayham, Ibuprofen

Today we had a little get together with my in-laws. My mother-in-law wanted to spend some time here and wanted to make bread. My sister-in-law wanted to sort through some things before she moves. The cousins came and had nothing but play, play, play on their minds. I was a little nervous when I agreed to let every one come over, but excited to see everyone, and I knew the kids would love it. I thought that maybe this was the break that we all needed.
Here is a very brief explanation of the day:
Hellos, toys, clothes, chips, cries, time outs, yelling, apollogies, bread, movies, noise, no more movies, toys, more bread, nerves, things being flushed down the toilet (not sure even now what it was), toys all over the place, more clothes, more yells, find shoes, "get out in the car". "mommy, I want to go with them", more cries, more yells, goodbyes, headache, ibuprofen, hopefully later- a nap!


Anonymous said...

Was there a single moment of fun in that get-together? Any good memories salvagable? Are all in-law get togethers that much fun?

mommygoingcrazy said...

That day was just a crazy day! I think that I will always remember that day because of everything that happend. There was a really big lesson learned that day. One thing that I will always think is totally cute was watching all the kids on the counter watching grandma make bread. That will be a great memory.
The in-law get togethers are not always that crazy!