Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Parental Control

There is this new show on tv that is called Parental Control. It is a show where the parents get to set up their son or daughter on a blind date with two potential replacements for their current boyfriend or girlfriend. I get the biggest kick out of watching it because it makes me think of all the guys that my parents would have loved to kick to the curb for me. In the beginning of the show the parents always go through the list as to why they hate the boyfriend or girlfriend. It would be so funny now to talk about all the things that my family thought was wrong about the guys that I brought home. (Maybe not, it might bring up too many bad memories for all of us.) This has sparked a little thought for me though that I must share.

I remember my family always asking what color of hair my new boyfriend had. This was always a game to them because it was usually not your typical blonde, or brown. It was usually blue, purple, green, whatever. The second question would always be where is their piercing? Looking back I am not sure that I ever dated a guy that didn't have any piercings. The last question was something never really asked, but I am sure that it was always thought. What has she gotten herself into now? This was never funny at the time, but looking back it actually is pretty funny. I dated some very interesting people. Some really tought me some good lessons in life, some I am really not sure what I was thinking. Even at a young age I knew that I was going to have an interesting time dating. When I was asked in church one day to write a list of all the qualities that I wanted in a future husband here is what it consisted of:

Long Hair (this was popular at the time, but still a trend for the crazy hair)
Has a tattoo (crazy that I wrote this list when I was 12)
Strong testimony
and a Good personality

Go ahead laugh. I know that it all sounds funny with that combination of things. I was asked to put down what I really wanted, so I did.

Any guy that I ever brought home was always kind of scared of my family. I think likewise for my family. When my husband now came to meet my dad he had a bald head (for the record, he shaved it all off back then. He really can grow a beautiful head of hair) he had his ears pierced twice in each ear, had his tounge pierced, has a tattoo, and was a little rough. My dad told me once that he knew he was going to be the guy that I was going to marry from the minute he met him. Hummm. What was it that made him so different then? Well, I will tall you. Going back to the list of my idea of a perfect man, my husband has every quality on that list. I think that even though his outward apperance was a little rebellious, my dad knew from the minute he met him that he had all the other traits that was needed to make me happy for eternity! I hate to say this, but even though the road was long and really rocky to find my perfect guy, I knew what I wanted. Even at the age of 12! I wasn't going to back down either. I found him and he truly is everything that I wanted!

Happy 6th anniversary next week hun! I love you!


mommygoingcrazy said...

Just thought that I needed to add, that even if my husband didn't have a tattoo or piercings or anything like that I would have fallen in love with him anyway. That is not something that is really important to me.

Sister said...

My personal favorite was Gordon. I believe he was the boyfriend who prided himself on spewing milk out the piercing in his lower lip.

mommygoingcrazy said...
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mommygoingcrazy said...

What you didn't like the skull hanging from the nose of another "favorite" boyfriend?

hahahaha Oh the memories!

My Kids Mom said...

Dating is crazy. If you think it was crazy for you and your parents, just wait until you're the parent and your children are bringing home dates. It's a little strike's a lot crazy. I still remember my dating days - there weren't that many! I dated a guy in high school who was two years older. First of all, he was dating one of my closest friends at the time. That drove us apart and created tension between all our combined friends because no one knew who to side with (all over a guy who resembled Richard Simmons, yuk!) Then, after dating him for a few months....he said the only way he'd get married or make a serious commitment is if his "girlfriend" got pregnant. I said - well that's not happening here and soon we went our separate ways. It was only about two month later when I received an invitation to his wedding and yep! his girlfriend was pregnant. Now for the part that made me so so grateful that I got away.....he was probably with her when he was still with me. How crappy is that? Anyway, I found my dream guy through a blind date in fact, and he's everything I could ever want. That doesn't mean we don't have our days of opposites don't attract, but we've been married for 21 years and I look forward to another 21 years. He's Italian, dark good looks with blue eyes and has that wonderful New York Bronx accent! He truly is everything to me.