Monday, February 06, 2006

The trade off.

So my little dude has been doing awesome with his chart! It seems to be working. There is a trade off though. He still doesn't want me to help him. (I do try to hide around the corner though.) The times that I haven't been there to help him we have had a few problems. First, he doesn't really know how to wipe yet, so he has been getting it all over the toilet. (I am ok with this. I now have the cleanest floors AND toilets in town.) Our second problem is this, today he used an entire, let me repeat that, AN ENTIRE ROLL AND A HALF of toilet paper. This trend needs to stop, but I didn't get mad because for heaven's sake HE DIDN'T GET IT ON THE FLOOR!
He is really trying and we are so proud of him! I know that I will laugh about all this someday. He is growing up so fast, I need to just enjoy this time in his life because I am getting some good stories to tell his girlfriends some day!


Becca said...

Laugh in the future!?!?! I'm laughing right now! He's such a cutie. You know, somehow my family got on the discussion of how much toilet paper THEY use to wipe, I think it was my grandpa that uses just 3 squares each time. But, when it comes to toiletpaper, I always say that more is DEFINITELY better than less. So, I guess your little guy is on the right track.

Muncey said...

I think that I now know what to get him for his Birthday. A plunger and a case of 2-ply! but only if he promises to not wrap his little sister up like a mummy.