Thursday, February 23, 2006

"There are only monsters in stories and in Texas."

The other day we went to take a valentines card to my nieces. One of them is one month older than my little dude and has a very creative imagination. Just before we left their house she told my little dude a little story (obviously made up) about something to do with witches in her house and in her car. I didn't think much about it really, I kind of laughed and walked out of the door. I was helping my little dude get into the car and I noticed that he had a very disturbed look on his face. He then asked me if there were witches in my sister's car. I just said "oh no, I don't know where she got that from." Well, on the way home my little dude in a very shaky voice asked again, "Mommy, are there witches in [her] car?". I said no and then he asked me if they were in their house. I said no again. Then he started to cry and asked if there were any witches at our house. At this point I could tell how scared he was and didn't know what else to tell him other than there wasn't. After I again tried to assure him that there were no witches in our house or in our car he said "I just want someone to keep me safe." Oh the tug on the heart strings! It was so hard not to cry myself. To see him so upset and crying, then asking for someone to keep him safe made me so sad. I had to call my sister and have her tell him that there are no witches, and that my niece was making it up. After he got off the phone he felt better. We were talking about how there are no witches, just like there are no monsters.
A few months ago he was afraid of monsters. We tried to tell him that there are only monsters in books. One day we were talking about it again, and he said "there are only monsters in books and in Texas." To this day I have no idea where he got that idea from, but I think that it is TOTALLY funny. So now if you ask him he will say "There are only witches and monsters in books and in Texas."
It is so funny how kids understand things! Who knows what we will do if we ever have to go to Texas!

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awww... sweet~!