Monday, February 20, 2006

A day of massage, chili dogs for dinner, an entire night of drugs.

Three years ago tonight I was in the hospital having my first child. Oh the memories. I had been in labor I swear for three months, bed rest for two months, and nine months of emotions that wouldn't stop. So naturally when my friend offered to give me a massage that is supposed to put women in labor, I was there within the hour. The entire rest of the day was labor pains, and excitement. It was wonderful! Then my mom fed me dinner, chili cheese dogs ( I do not advise for anyone in labor to eat chili). But when you are nine months pregnant you will eat almost anything.

I had worked myself up for nine months to have this child. So when I went into the hospital thinking that I was in labor, and they wanted to send me home I was not happy. I had it in my mind all day that it was THE DAY! I was not going to take my fat, pregnant butt home. Trying to keep my cool, I started to walk out the door. When one of the nurses came running after me and said that the doctor felt like he needed to do an ultrasound, I had never walked so fast. They found some problems and needed to start labor as soon as they could. So what do I do? Cry. After nine months of wanting to have that baby, I was so scared that now was the moment. All night I had great drugs, and things went great! He was a big kid, but we were so happy that he had joined our family.

Three years later we have our little problems, but he is such a joy to our family. He makes me laugh and cry, sometimes all in the same day. I am trying to be greatful for every moment. I want to have the good moments to out weigh the bad. The next three years are going to go by just like the last three. Time will keep going faster and faster. He will be driving, then having his own family before I know it. I need to make sure that I don't miss anything. I need to make sure that the things that we remember are the best memories that we can have.

Happy Birthday My little Dude.


Becca said...

Ohhh... I remember that day! mmmmm... drugs! Happy Birthday to your "Little Dude"! Here's to many more massages, chili dogs, and birthdays! I love you Little Dude!

My Kids Mom said...

I remember the days leading up to the day! You were miserable and so tired at just kept saying how you wanted this baby out! Well, becareful what you wish for - even through the discomfort and tiredness, sometimes this thought would cross my mind - can't I put them back in there for just a few hours so I can take a nap!

Emily said...

Happy B-day to the Little Dude! There are so many February birthdays going on in the blogging world right now! The 16th was my daughter's, another blog I read said her son's was on the 18th, your little dude's on the 20th, and my son's on the 27th! What is it about the month of June that gets everyone in the mood?! ;p

mommygoingcrazy said...

HA HA HA HA HA! That is too funny! I always wondered that about January. Three out of four kids in my family have birthdays in October!