Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ok, ok, ok

So I am sitting here thinking about things, and I had a thought. I needed to make a post about something other than poop! So here are a few more things that are on my mind. (This blog isn't supposed to be about poop. I need to stop that trend right now.)

First, my little dude is really a good kid! All he wanted to do today after he got into trouble was to cuddle with mommy. I love that. Even though I had just yelled at him he still wanted to cuddle.

Second, I did the photography for another wedding this morning. I love shooting weddings! It reminds me of the day that I was married. Even more so now because my anniversary is at the end of this month. Anyway, it is so fun to see their newley married, glazed eyes. I remember that when I got married, I didn't even care how sick I was, or how cold I was, or who was there. All I cared about is the fact that I had just started my life with the neatest, most caring and loving guy on earth. Every time a do a wedding it reminds me that no matter how long I am married, I can still have the loving glaze in my eyes.

Third and last, it is amazing what life throws at you. If there is one lesson that I need to learn is that I HAVE GOT TO BE PATIENT! Being impatient doesn't make things come faster. Infact it makes it come slower. I can not predict what is going to happen! I need to stop trying. There are many things that are waiting to happen on my little road called life. You can't get to point C without going through point A and point B.

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