Friday, February 24, 2006

Once you learn it you will never forget it!

Ok the funniest thing happened today! (Everytime I think about it I have to laugh!) We all know that potty training has been quite the adventure, but what happened this morning makes it all worth it!
After my little dude got up this morning he went potty and took off his diaper. (he only wears them in bed). While I was making breakfast he ran down stairs with his pants pulled down. He was laughing so hard, and kept running around pulling his pants up and down mooning me. I was laughing so hard that I was almost crying! My husband came down stairs and I said something about our son keeps mooning me. My little dude picked up on it and started yelling "mooning" while he was running in circles mooning the family. Oh it made my day!


Katkat said...

That is really cute. Potty training can be a pain. but like you said at times funny. for intance the times my son would run around the house in a diaper and the potty on his head looking like an extra from brave heart.

My Kids Mom said...

I laughed when I read your story today. My youngest son (who is now 14) was a very, very free spirit. I think from the age of about 3 until the age of about 6 he would love to run around the house (and outside if I didn't catch him in time) naked. As soon as he had a bath, the rest of the night was naked running time and he loved it. The embarrassing point is that he'd do it whether there was just family around or even if we had company. I'll never forget his coming out of the tub, with a towel around his middle (we were in the living room with a few friends) and said he was done with his bath - he must have been about 6. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had a towel wrapped around him and told him that his pj's were laid out for him on his bed at which he promptly dropped the towel, turned around and wiggled his pink butt and laughing ran down the hall. My talkative friends were speechless and after a few seconds, we all burst into uncontrollable laughter. Someone made the comment he would either be a priest (he's quite the loving, caring kid) or a male stripper! Love those memories!!!