Monday, February 13, 2006


I have always loved the winter. There is just something very calming about watching snowflakes fall, covering everything, making the world look clean and pure. Things seem so peacful. I don't really like this in-between crap where is it sunny outside, but cold, and there is snow still on the ground. To me this is a tease. Only because my kids are too young to understand that even though is it sunny outside it is still too cold to blow bubbles outside every hour. It is just to muddy to go play in the sand. And for heavens sake we just can't wear shorts yet. I don't know how I am going to convince them that they need to stay in for a few more months.
Now that I have been a stay at home mom for just over a year, I see winter in a whole new light now. This light unfortunatly isn't as bright. The kids get restless. The house gets messy from doing every activity inside. I get fat from not being as active. I am lazy because all I want to do is cuddle in a blanket to stay warm. We sleep in every morning because it is just too dark and cold to get out of bed. My skin gets so dry from taking 45 minute showers because that is the only time that I have any peace and quiet.
There are a few good things though. The kids are getting pretty creative. They run in circles around the living room, dining room, and kitchen. My husband and I call this game "running around like their hair is on fire." They have been building bridges out of the kitchen chairs. Swimming in the bathroom sink. Making the couch cushions into a trampoline is another favorite. The newest game is pillow fights. As for me and my restlessness, I have my blog. Oh, and for exersize, I get to follow the kids around picking up after them. Putting things back where they belong, and telling then that if they are not careful I am going to put the couch cushions in the basement with the kitchen chairs.

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