Saturday, February 04, 2006

My solution- Hope it works!

Here is my solution to our little poop problem. We have tried to get him to clean it up himself, he didn't really think it was that bad. He still doesn't have his train and he asks for it every day. We never took away his spiderman underwear because quite frankly I just don't want to do more laundry than I have to with less underwear.
So this is the plan. I have made him a chart that has two sides, one that says "Dry" with a picture of his train at the bottom. The other side says "Wet" with a picture of a birthday cake with a big X through it. These sides mean that if there are more sad faces on the wet side beccuse he went in his underwear, then he can't have his birthday party at the end of the month. But if there are more times that he keeps his underwear dry and goes in the potty, he gets his train back and gets to have a party.
I am praying this will work, because I really don't know what more to do! I will keep you all posted!


My Kids Mom said...

Boy do I remember those seems like forever ago! At the time it was my concern, I remember thinking am I the only one who has this sort of problem? It's not easy talking to others about the "Poop" problem going on in your house. By the way, have you got a pet? You could always blame it on them....If you don't and this problem might want to consider a pet! HE HE HE

Becca said...

I remember my potty chart I got to use Snoopy stickers every time I went in the potty. It was SO AWESOME~!