Thursday, February 02, 2006

I love him, but.........

He just HAS TO STOP!!!! When I signed up to be a mother, I knew there was going to be times that I would have to clean up poop. BUT 6 TIMES IN 5 DAYS is enough for anyone to go crazy!
Now this wouldn't be a big deal if he had on diapers, or if he wasn't almost 3. This wouldn't be a big deal if mommy and daddy hadn't made a HUGE point the last 5 times he did it that he was going to loose his favorite train, and his spiderman underwear. Now his favorite train has been taken away, and he is well on his way to loosing his spiderman underwear. I really don't know what more a I can do!
I need a vacation.


Becca said...

Hang in there baby. I don't have any advice for you, but I think you're doing well. Atleast when I go through it you'll be able to give me some advice OR we can just look back on these funny stories.I love you tonz. Maybe you should really start doing the whole ransom thing. Leave him letters and stuff about how his spiderman underwear miss him... wait. Maybe that's a little warped.

Muncey said...

The thought of my nephew thinking that his Spiderman Underwear are writing him notes almost made me spew my Oreo Klondike bar all over my new monitor and keyboard!

Why you ask? Because I can see that cute little kid wanting to write a letter back to them :D