Sunday, April 19, 2009


I know that it was a week ago, but I promised my mom that I would post these pictures. Ok, she really didn't twist my arm. But I still made a promise.

Easter was the best. I went to bed feeling really crappy about myself and all the things that are going on in my life. But when I woke up Easter morning the sun was shinning bright in the windows, and my kids were super excited. I couldn't help but smile and push all my stress aside for one day. The Easter bunny did come which made the day even better. The Princess was so excited that the Easter bunny knew that she was diabetic and brought her sugar free candy. This made her day. The day was looking even better.

The Easter Bunny also brought the kids the cutes Easter clothes. I loved that the boys were dressed alike again, and the Princess couldn't stop twirling in her beautiful flowy dress. I tried to have this quick photo shoot, but you know how it is to take your own kids pictures. It never works for me. I always catch a bit of their personalities. Dude really wanted to do his own hair. I wasn't going to fight. This was his best try at a sharks hair do. Gotta love this kid!

Little Man couldn't have been more happy as well. He has a sucker in his mouth before all the eggs where found. This kid loves candy! He looked super handsome in his new get up too! But when I tired to take his picture he was more excited that he was outside he wanted nothing to do with getting his picture taken. I can keep up with him playing. I got a few good ones.

I had taken a few hours off of work so that I could spend a little time with the family before they headed off to church. I was so bummed that I couldn't go with them. I helped get them ready and took their pictures, and was getting ready to send them off. I checked for time off and wouldn't you know it I got it! It was a miracle! I ended up not having to work at all. Not good for the pay check but awesome for spending time with my fam!
All in all the day was awesome! It was just what I needed for curing the way I had been feeling the day before. A holiday, spending time with my family, sunshine and being able to go to church can do that to you!
The only bad part...I didn't get to see my parents.


racenmommy said...

i'm so glad you had a good easter & ended up not having to work, truly an easter blessing=) and what an awesome bunny knowing that your princess is diabetic!

ps.. i changed my blog to

TravelMama said...

Yeah, we tried taking the kids' pictures yesterday. Not too successful. Oh, well!

Becky and Bryce said...

You are so nice to let Dude do his own hair!!! Mine beg me and I still havne't gave in yet... unless it's Saturday and we have no where to be! ;)

Hannah said...

I love the shark 'do! They are all adorable. I haven't seen a pic of the youngest before.

You mentioned getting insurance to pay for a pump. Email me or catch me on Facebook. I might be able to offer some tips that will help you get the OK from the insurance.

:) Tracie said...

Adorable little ones, love the outfits and the smiles!

Kim said...

Your baby is HUGE! Love all the outfits...what a beautiful Easter it sounds like!

Samantha said...

Could those three get any cuter? Seriously.