Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not So Bad After All

Last month when I took the Princess to her Endocrinologist appointment I came back feeling like a failure. Well to a degree. I know that wasn't really my fault that her A1c had gone up. But it is so hard not to take it personal. He made a ton of changes to her treatment last month that I feel have been really helping her.

Let me take a minute to answer a few questions that I have received. First I take her to see her Dr. once a month, and we visit on the phone every week. This is partially due to the fact that since she was diagnosed in November she has never really been able to stay on the same treatment. Her body has been changing so quickly (due to slowly coming out of her honeymoon stage) that almost every week there have been changes made to her doses. Once they feel like things will slow down a bit they will have us come in every 3 months. And second, at the appointment every month they do check her A1c. As you all know this is to help us know how we are doing with things.


So with all that said, last week we were due to take her to the doctor and I couldn't help but be nervous. All I kept thinking was if her A1c was back up again then I know that I am doing a crappy job at taking care of her. The day wasn't a pretty one. I ended up taking the boys with me to her appointment. I knew I was asking for trouble. When we got there they were pretty wound up. Little Man fell off a chair in the waiting room and was pretty much a pill the rest of the time. I even brought books for all of them to read while the Dr. and I talked. They were so loud that they Dr. said that he was just going to talk over them and asked if I was ok with that.

All that aside, I am here to report that I have nothing to worry about. Her A1c came down from 8.7 last month to 7.4 this month! A huge change and this is the lowest it has ever been. The doctor said we were doing a great job and she is exactly where he wants her to be right now. He didn't make any changes. This is even the first time that I get to go 2 weeks before I talk to him again. You can imagine how happy I was!

This really is the first time since she was diagnosed that I can honestly say that things are going good with her. Before I always felt that they were out of control. It ended up being a good day after all!


Amy said...

7.4!!!! WOOHOO!!! Congrats to you! You are doing a terrific job! I've had to take all my kids to the endo apt. before and it does add more stress to an already stressful appointment! Good job Shannon!!!

:) Tracie said...

7.4 is AWESOME!! Great job Mom!!

It's really hard in the beginning, and you can not even imagine things getting any matter what anyone says. But it really does get easier as time goes on. I didn't believe anyone either, but we are living it too and I'm here to say that it's true. Things will get easier.....understanding how different foods effect the numbers and all the "jargon" that goes with it, the reading labels, and the Dr. visits. Well, Jessi still HATES the visits and pretty much doesn't pay attention to the Dr., and when both girls go....forget it! One is either bored or wants to leave....and that's my diabetic! The other seems put out to be there.....teenagers!

For a new diagnosis not long ago you should feel good about your accomplishments handling this dang disease! Keep up the good job.

racenmommy said...

i'm so glad to hear that things are starting to get better. you're always in my prayers=) ~Christy

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Wowee Congratulations. Job well done.

Tristan said...

7.4 is awesome! Good job! I took all 3 of my kids to the endo's office yesterday for a 10 min appointment with a Mini Med rep. That was an adventure! I hope you feel like things are getting easier because it seems like they are getting better for your family. Keep up the good work.

Greg and/or Angie said...

We have our appointment next Tuesday. Wish us luck! I'm so glad to hear that her A1C went down. That's awesome!

Kim said...

YAY! Happy to hear good news!