Friday, April 10, 2009

I know you were all dying to know!

Yes, they survived the winter. Dare I say just barely?

When we first got these cluckers last summer Mini was pretty small. She wasn't producing eggs yet. Now that it is spring I look at her and think she is Jane every time. I still try to find the "smaller" chicken who is Mini. I just barely realized how to tell them apart. First Mini is now bigger than Jane. Second, Jane has white wings and Mini has white feathers around her neck.
The kids think they are pretty cool still. The "Ba cocks" (pronounced like the sound that a chicken makes) is Little Man's favorite. He likes to wake up and feed them bread, he likes to chase them around the yard and he likes to try to pick them up.

I have learned to like them a little too. Jane is super sweet. Every time the back door opens she comes to your feet and will follow you around. Mini did climb up on my lap while I was taking pictures though. She started to peck at my pants so I kicked her off. Jane came shortly after. She asked to have her picture taken with me. I looked terrible, but I agreed to do it anyway. (lol)

Dude was able to catch Mini on a nice note. I just had to take a picture. Too bad that nice note ended quickly. Little Man tried to pick her up and he got pecked in the face.

See all grown up. Both are laying eggs now. Unfortunately it is never in the same spot. It is like an Easter egg hunt every day! Some days I don't even try. Did you know that egg shells are good for your garden? YOU DIDN'T? Well don't forget to post your gardening questions to get my hubby, Farmer "T" to do a guest post! Maybe you will learn some awesome things like that!

I know what you are thinking. This was taken before she tried to peck his eyes out.

OH! Did I mention my chickens do tricks? Here is proof!

Yep! They jump. Here they are trying to get worms. The kids think this is the best! You hold out bread, cracker, a worm and sometimes just your finger and they will jump to get it!
So there you have it! Proof that I am not a crappy chicken owner. Now let's see if they make it to Sunday Dinner....a hem.
Well for now. We will see about that when the time comes!


Amy said...

Awesome post! I want a chicken! :)

Aubrey Anne said...

Holy cow. I am never going to get used to the fact that you have chickens!!!! lol!

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

The girls look good! Maybe if your raised chicks you'd find them cuter...but chickens really are pretty durable as the cold weather goes. To keep them from laying eggs everywhere I can give you some tips - but if you like the hunt, enjoy! ;-)

Kaarina said...

You crack me up...I am sooo happy to truly know for myself that you are NOT a crappy chicken owner...

Kim said...

You and Hollz are making me want to get some for me!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for posting on our blog! I can't believe you have chickens, I'm so jealous! I grew up with them and would love to have them again, but zoning won't let us. I see you have a cat too, do they get along ok? Thats my other worry is that some cat will get to them and I'll have to explain it to the kids (pet deaths are always fun....)

Jeremy said...

Oh and it was me, Leslie, Jeremy's wife that posted. He would never be so excited about chickens :)