Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am sitting here watching Little Man dip his cheetos in his pear pudding....a little from his plate and a little from his brother's (without Dude even knowing).
He is in his own little world.
All that I said in that last post is true, but yes I was laughing.
What is it about the 3rd child that makes all the 2 year old stuff seem funny?
Maybe it's that I have too many other things to be stressed about.....

Either way, I can't help but think right now that life is good. Despite the insane things that happen to us and the never ending block hole of unemployment (sort of) that we are living in. We are blessed. We are healthy. We are happy!

I need to stop getting caught up in the not so good stuff and focus on the wonderful things. There really are so many wonderful things.

I think I will start with enjoying the silly things my 2 year old does. Even if it is dipping cheetos in pudding...yuck!


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Tracy said...

I can totally relate to the getting caught up in the bad things. I do the same thing and am working really hard to be more positive, good luck on doing the same. I KNOW it's not easy. It's fun to keep up with your family on here, seems silly this is what it takes when we live so close! What do you do though?! Life is busy!