Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best $6.00 EVER spent

As some of you know, Little Man doesn't really crawl. He scoots. He actually can scoot really well. He even goes forward now! But we felt that he needed to be a little more mobile. My hubby had the idea to check out the DI to see if there was a baby walker that we could get for him. He found this for $6.00. (Gotta love the thrift store!) When we got it home and cleaned up we realized that it was the BEST $6.00 EVER SPENT! This kid LOVES his new freedom. He cruises all over the place. He gets going really fast and will cruise down the hallway with the other kids. He loves to be chased in it, and even chase the cat.

He has learned that he can get into more things like, the blinds, my sock drawer, and things on the coffee table. It cracks me up to watch him in this. He feels like such a big boy now.


Jenni said...

I'm envious of your photography skills. :) Such cute pictures! I'm so excited for you and your family with the new job.

I'm glad you found something fun for your sweet baby- I love it when they make new discoveries, and get so proud of themselves.

arianne said...

so cute! i love his little teeth!
how is the new job going for your hubby? I hope it works out great for him!