Thursday, February 07, 2008

If you drive a truck for a living I am talking to you.

I am going to make this sign and post it at the end of the street!

I can now add Fed Ex truck to my resume. It wasn't near as eventful as the garbage man though. Here is what I have learned in the last week of having to help get two BIG trucks unstuck from my circle:

#1 Don't drive on the North East side of my circle. For some unknown reason that is where everyone keeps getting stuck.

#2 The companies of these two trucks are too cheap to replace tires that are as bald as my dear grandpa. (Love you grandpa!)

#3 One set of chains, (or none in the case of the garbage man) is not really going to help if you don't have it on the tire that is stuck! (Go figure!)

#4 You just can't push these trucks no matter how tough you think you are. (Yea you scrawny little delivery guy. You are smaller than me and if I don't think I can do it I am SURE you won't be able to do it either.)

#5 Now plywood might be a great idea to stick under the tire, I am still going to squint for fear that the tire is going to shoot it across the circle. (it's like waiting for a firework to go off.)

#6 The average time that it will take 2-3 guys and a clueless girl to get big trucks unstuck from the North East corner of my circle is about 45 minutes. (Good thing I started charging by the 1/2 hour)

#7 Watching their clueless mother try to help get the garbage truck, and the Fed Ex truck out of the circle has been better than tv for my kids.

#8 Maybe it is better to just not pull into a circle that has several inches of snow on top of the same amount of ice. There HAS to be a better way if you know you have bald tires and one or no set of chains!

#9 Next time this happens I have to have my camera near by so I can get proof that this keeps happening.

#10 When the other truck says that it is coming to help, count on getting that truck unstuck too! Thankfully this hasn't happened yet, but we were really close with the garbage man!


Robin and Stephenie said...

I really hope you get a pic. of this I can't wait to see it!

Jenni said...

I'm ready for pics too. #7 made me laugh. :)

Kim said...

Men are idiots. Hee hee.