Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Middle Child Syndrome

I was going to do a post about my Little Princess and how much she LOVES her overalls. I was thinking this morning about how excited she was to wear her "silver-alls" (still not sure why she calls them that) and I had to laugh. I have always loved them too. There was even a time when I worked at Muzak that my boss had to tell me to stop wearing them to work. I was pretty upset then, but I think that it is really funny now! This girl would wear them every day if she could!
But, while I was taking her picture to go along with the post that I had in mind, I captured this moment. I saw it an fell in love with it. This picture captures HER, who she is, the mischief in her eyes and smile, also the sweet and loving side of her shows through too!
I think that lately she has had a little bit of the "Middle Child Syndrome" where she feels that she is left out, picked on, not heard, and more. I have been trying to give her a little extra attention, and trying to help her and attend to her needs (they are so different than the boy's needs). I think that the small steps have been helping her to feel how special she really is.
We got to play on the floor in her room tegether last night. It was fun! It really helped us both feel better! While giving her some extra attention I remember the lessons that she had taught me in the last few years. I see how alike we are. I realized something of great importance. She learns to love herself from my example of loving myself. Maybe I haven't been the best example to her lately. I have decided on a few things that will help change that, that will help her realize how amazing she is and how much her mommy loves her.
She really is amazing! She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, she makes me think and sometimes cry. I can tell that the battle of right and rebellion (something that I have faught my entire life) has already begun. It is my duty to show her the importance of caring and loving yourself, and most of all the importance of doing what is right. She is so special to me, and I would hate to look back on this time and not feel that I did my very best! I love her so much!

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