Thursday, February 28, 2008

Olson, Dot and Mack

Let me introduce to you Olson, Dot and Mack. These 3 guys are really part of our family! They are loved as though they are anyway. Since they are an essential part of all of us getting a good nights sleep, I thought that I would write a little about each of them.

First we have Olson. Olson is a monkey and is Little Dudes favorite.

Olson was given to Little Dude when Little Princess was born. My grandma gave it to him (his great-grandma). Since then he has slept with Little Dude almost every night. At the beginning of winter we couldn't find Olson. I thought he was buried outside under the snow. It would make me sick to not know where he was at, and Little Dude was having a hard time with it too. A few weeks ago, Little Dude wanted to ride his bike. While searching through the garage he found Olson stashed in the back of the Barbie Jeep. Who would of thought that he was spending the winter in there. I brought him inside, gave him a bath, and we have all been sleeping better at night. I do have to say, Olson is a trooper. He has been tossed around, thrown up on, bounced on the trampoline, and like I said, spent the winter in the back of the Barbie Jeep.

Now here is Dot. Little Princess got her by my same grandma (her great-grandma) when she was born.

For the past 3 (almost 4) years she has been sleeping next to Little Princess. She is one LOVED bear! Little Princess will not go to sleep any where unless Dot is with her. She has been through alot too. Nothing like spending the winter in the garage, but she is almost always needing a bath.

Here is Mack. Little Man got him when he was born, and yes it was from grandma.
Mack hasn't had much time to be loved like Olson and Dot, but he is still very much apart of the clan. Little Man was carrying him around in his walker today and chewing on his arm. I have a feeling that he will end up just like the others with needing to be slept with EVERY night. A little story about how he got his name though. When Little Dude was little and learned what a duck said he couldn't say quack. He just said mack. So every time he saw a duck he would call it mack. So when my grandma gave Little Man this cute duck we just HAD to call him Mack.


Robin and Stephenie said...

how fun I am so proud of you that Dot is still white! Kenidee has a light bear and it needs a bath alot.

Lace said...

What would we do with out these little stuffed animals to help our little ones sleep? It's cute that each of your kids have one and how special that they are from your grandma.

arianne said...

i am laughing i love how you posted on your kids toys! it is fun to have toys with good memories. lets hope they can keep these forever!!!