Friday, February 08, 2008

I really thought we were under attack!

The baby woke up this morning at 5:15. I woke from a very sound sleep to feed him. I stumbled my way to the couch and started to nod back to sleep while I was feeding him. When all of the sudden our un-monitored alarm system goes off. (If you have one you will know how loud they are. Of not let me just say that I wouldn't be surprised if a 2 mile radius around my house heard it.) I jumped off the couch not totally sure what it was. Remember it wasn't monitored so that means that it couldn't be set. I ran SO fast back into my room where I see my hubby trying to get the covers off and yelled at me "WHAT IS THAT?" Here is where the story gets funny so let me paint the picture for you:

Me: Still not totally awake yet, scared out my mind, baby in arms, shirt still open and running into my room.

Hubby: Not totally awake yet either, trying hard to get the covers off, but having a hard time getting out of bed because I was trying to climb all over him for safety. He yells "WHAT IS THAT?"

Me: Remember that I had been sleeping so sound just 20 minutes before! Well, I don't know about you, but when you dream that something terrible happens and you try to yell, but you just can't? And it comes out all mumbled? This wasn't a dream it was very real, and I wasn't totally sure, but almost sure that we were in real danger. I also wasn't totally awake yet either so actually in my mind we were UNDER ATTACK! I tried to yell back to my hubby "I DON"T KNOW WHAT IT IS!" But with my sleepy toung still not cooperating this is how is actually sounded like "WI DONTH DTHOW WATH ITH ITHS!" It was all mumbled like it always is in a dream.

Hubby: In all this mess he yells back "WHAT?" Then he got it! His wife was too scared to talk! (Add sleepy to the mix and I was a wreck!)

At this point the kids were running down the hallway and trying to figure out what was going on. They were in much better shape than their mom!

In the end, my hubby remembered that while he was hanging sheetrock in the basement last night he unplugged the system, and that the battery must have run low. He ran down stairs and plugged it back in and it turned off.

My heart didn't stop pounding until 9:30 this morning, and I have been on high alert since then. Even this night a few years ago wasn't as scary to me as this morning was!


Kim said...

That would scare me to DEATH! Ug, glad everything was okay!

Glenn Amber Evans said...

Hi Shannon,
I hope you remember me!!
Anyhow that story is so funny..
I also live in a circle and totally know what your talking about. Anyhow how is life going? Hows the family?
Well i hope to hear from you soon

alisonwonderland said...

oh my. my heart's racing just reading about it! i'm glad it was something easily resolved and non-serious!