Monday, February 11, 2008


Little Princess it happy to introduce to you HER little Roxy. Roxy is about 5 months old or so and came to live with us late last night. When daddy got home and woke up Little Princess to show her that mommy and daddy got her a new kitty she was THE HAPPIEST I HAVE SEEN HER IN A LONG TIME! That smile is something that I wish I could have captured on camera. This picture just doesn't do it justice.

So far Roxy has been a great little kitty. She has entered into this home with so much love that it really makes it worth it! When we first started talking about getting Little Princess a kitty it just seemed like fun, but the more I thought about it the better the idea got. I realized that it would really do her alot of good to have a little friend. This is something that is all hers. Not her big brother's, not her little brother's, HERS! She has felt a little picked on lately, and sad that she doesn't have friends in the circle that she can just go play with. We have been giving her a little extra attention lately, but we thought this would be something that would make her feel REALLY special! I am happy to report that I have seen the side of my Little Princess that I haven't seen in awhile! I think that she does feel special! I love that she is so happy today!

When I was 3 years old, I loved cats! So much so, that I would take the neighbor's cats and hide them in my room. I would close the door and play with them until my mom would knock on the door. I would hurry and hide them in my dresser drawer and lie that I had a kitty in my room. For my birthday that year, my parents got me a kitty. I remember going to pick him out. I was SUPER excited! I brought him home and named him Tigger. I felt so special when I got my kitty too! I remember taking him everywhere! Playing with him, and having so much love for him. When he would get into a fight and get sick I would call my mom at work and just cry and cry about my worry for him.

When my parents got Tigger for me they thought that he would last just a couple of years. They didn't know that he would be around until just after I got married 17 years later. Even though I know that Tigger was really sick and really old, I still get sad when I think about him not being around any more. He was a big part of my life growing up.

I don't know how long Roxy will be a part of this family, but what I do know is that I know that my Little Princess feels special just like I did when I got Tigger. That is what is important to me!


FitGeGe said...

I had the priviledge of meeting Tigger-he was very sweet.

Congratulations, lucky Little Princess! The best friend a girl can have is a kitty, even more so than diamonds. Diamonds don't love on you and purr when you're sad or crying.

Yaaaaay kitties!!!

Jenni said...

I'm just waiting for Miah to be asking me for a kitty! So cute!

Makes me wish I wasn't allergic to them.

Kim said...

You are such a nice mom. We may be getting a dog this week. I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing. We're going to meet him on Thursday. Oh man, what are we getting ourselves into? ;)

arianne said...

you are a good mommy for getting her a kitty! I love her smile!

Muncey said...

Ah yes Tigger.

I mainly remember him putting holes in my waterbed and having to clean out that nasty litter box.

Well that and prying his eyes open while he tried to sleep.

The Sweet Life said...

What a cute kitty-and daughter for that matter. We really need to get together sometime. I hope you are all doing well :)
P.S. don't tell Finn you got a kitty for your daughter. Emma (and Finn, for that matter) have been wanting a puppy, and I'm afraid I'm not as good of a mom as you are!

Kristi said...

I just found your blog. I wanted to respond to your sweet picture. When we got my son a kitten (purely by accident) it was the best thing for him veer and it has become his best friend. I think the love of a pet is hard to beat.