Friday, February 01, 2008

It's a stinky job, but someone had to push him out.

There was quite a scene here in my circle yesterday morning. My hubby had shoveled the driveway before he went to work (nice surprise by the way) but because we got so much snow I had to do it again before little dude went to school. So while I was out there doing it the garbage man came. Usually they slip and slide all over the circle while they pick up the trash, but this morning was different. He got my neighbor's trash but got stuck. He wasn't going anywhere! He got out and tried to shovel some of the ice infront of the tires, he put down some ice melt, he tried to back up, go forward, back up again NOTHING! So my neighbor and I went and tried to help. You can't push those stinky heavy trucks anywhere. We tried to shovel more ice. 30 minutes later still he isn't moving. He calls another garbage truck they come by and help him out. Everything they tried wasn't working either. At this point I thought it was going to be a perminant fixture, well until spring anyway.

Finally, after 45 minutes of the garbage truck still sitting there, they got the idea to lift up the back of the truck like they were dumping it. I saw visions of the circle being filled with piles of garbage and I thought that would be worse than the truck being here until spring, but I had to trust them. Good thing I didn't protest out loud because it was what did the trick. It shifted the weight just enough that he could get out. BUT he still had the rest of the garbage to pick up. So guess what I got to do? My neighbor and I gathered all the rest of the garbage cans placed them in the grabing arms of the garbage truck one at a time. We got the rest of them emptied and he got out ok, but what a fun morning it was yesterday!

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Aubrey said...

You are so good, to help out.