Sunday, February 03, 2008

Spring? Um, not till 2009!

When I was a kid, growing up here in Utah, I remember getting so much snow that we had to shovel the roof of the house a few times. There was one year that we got on the roof of the house and jumped off into the pile of snow in the back yard. We had times that the snow would get so bad that they would cancel school even. And for some of you that live in a place that only gets a few inches and the entire town shuts down, let me remind you that you have it easy! It has to snow like 8 inches or more in a 24 hour time in order for them to shut anything down. There was just that much snow!

It has been many years since that has happened here though. I thought that it was just going to be a thing of the past. Until this winter. Almost every day in the last month we have had a snowstorm. Some have been little, but there has been some pretty good ones that has dropped 4-6 inches in one storm. I didn't think that it was possible to get any worse of a storm that we have already had, but when I woke up this morning to probably 8 inches or more, I was SHOCKED! You can't even see the steps to my front porch. My neighbor's van was stuck becasue the snow went right up to the bottom of his bumper. My brother's church was cancelled today because people couldn't get to the building. The wind is blowing so bad that there are snowdrifts that are a couple of feet high. And get this IT IS STILL SNOWING REALLY BAD!

My husband got a call today to bring his snow pants, boots and shovel to church so the Elder's can go dig out those that need help during church! What a cool thing!

There are other places in this valley that usually get more snow than we do. I can't begin to imagine how much snow they have now. This is a crazy storm, but honestly I wouldn't have my winters any other way!


Lace said...

It was such a blizzard here on Sunday, my husband had to work and took the AWD so I decided the little one and I would walk to church. I bundled us all up and loaded her in the stroller... yeah, strollers don't work in snow like that! I'm 9 months pregnant trying to push this stroller down the street... little crazy, so I turned around and asked the neighbor for a ride. Probably should have just don't that in the first place. I'm with you though, if it's going to snow it better snow hard or it's not worth it!

Kim said...

I loved yesterday. They cancelled our church, but it ended up being a beautiful Sunday regardless, and we too had to dig out of our snowdrifts.