Monday, January 28, 2008

10 Months Old!

Little Man is now 10 months old. What a fun 10 months we have had too! He has been able to experience almost every holiday, every season, tons of family get together's, swimming, swinging on the swings, jumping or should I say bouncing on the tramp, rolling down the steep driveway in his stroller TWICE, falling out of his high chair, and not to mention the joys of being the youngest of 3 kids!

He scoots all over the place backwards and is pretty dang accurate in where he is going. He loves to eat almost anything, and is still learning to drink from a sippy cup. He has two teeth that just makes my heart melt when he smiles. (there is just something so cute about an almost toothless smile) He can say "Mama" "Dada" "Hi" and as of today "UH OH". He has the funniest little side to side wave that I just can't get enough of either.

Of all my kids he has been the biggest Mama's Boy. If it were up to him he would be in my arms all day. When I leave the room he gets grumpy, and I swear he wakes up some nights just to play with me. I really don't mind at all, because in return he is the calmest little guy with such a mellow attitude.

His big brother and big sister LOVE to play with him and love to help me out with him. Tonight they fought over who was going to feed him dinner. I am surprised about how good of helpers they can be to him though, they will be great babysitters some day!

He loves to play peek a boo and be tickled by his daddy! (Man, that LAUGH! It is just too funny!) He HAS to have his fuzzy blanket and his binky when he is tired. He really likes to take a bath and splash the water. As of last week he noticed that he can see himself in the lever that drains the bath tub and he thinks it is pretty dang cool! He actually laughs when he sees our remote or our phone (he could care less about the toy ones we have given him) and do ANYTHING he can to get a hold of them. But best of all, he just fits right in to our crazy family. I couldn't be more grateful for him and his spirit in our home. I can't believe that in 2 months he will have a birthday! Time goes by way too fast!

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arianne said...

wow 10 months already?? he looks SO much like his big brother it is amazing!!!