Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog-Worthy Comments From the Kids.

#1 - I had a review with JetBlue today for a job interview. Daddy was in charge of getting Little Princess from Preschool. On they way home she asked if Mommy was going to be home to have lunch with them. Here is how the conversation went:

Princess: "Is Mommy going to have lunch with us?"

Daddy: "No, Mommy is at work." (well an interview, but whatever.)

Kids: "Where does Mommy work?" (want to work?)

Daddy: "At a place that flies airplanes."

Kids: "Mommy is going to fly airplanes!?!"

Daddy: "No, Mommy doesn't know how to fly an airplane. But Mommy wants to work at a place that would take us on an airplane."

Little Princess: "That makes me so happy! I think that I will stop picking my nose because I am so happy!"

HA! HA! HA! This is so funny to me. We have been having a bit of a time trying to get her stop picking her nose. Gross, I know! But hey I will take what I can get.

#2 - This one takes the cake. No pun intended.

I was cleaning out my closet today to donate a few things. My hubby was keeping me company. I happened to mention that I have an entire box of clothes back in the corner of my closet that I am not even going to touch. It is filled with clothes that I am hoping to fit in again some day. The last time that I tried them on I was pretty disappointed. I am still trying to loose the extra baby weight, and I didn't think that I was ready to try them on just yet.

I honestly don't know how or what inspired me to open the box, but once I did, I thought that I would just try on one pair of pants. To my surprise they actually fit. I was SUPER excited. My excitement had drawn a crowd. The entire family was now watching me try on more of the pants. I tried on one pair though that didn't quite fit. They would button and zip, but I still have a little too much fluff for them right now. My hubby said "Hey, I learned what that is the other day. Do you know what it is called?" Well I am a girl and of course I know what it is called, a Muffin Top! (I swear his intentions were good. He just learned what it was called, he wasn't trying to be mean.) I took them off and kept trying on more pants. The kids were in and out at this point and I was almost done.

I tried on one more and I had to same problem with the fluff. Little dude walked in and said:

"Mom, I can see your muffin!"

THANKS.....A.......LOT! Still really funny! I have been laughing ALL DAY LONG about his comment! What would I do with out my crazy kids?


Becky said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I am laughing my head off about the muffin comment. Good luck with Jet Blue. My SIL used to work for them and loved it. She got to fly free all the time.

Becky-M said...

That is so hillereous. Kids say the funniest things. I need to be better at writing them down because I tend to forget. I love it.

*Carly* said...

I know that it is at your expense but thanks for the GREAT laugh! I was dying! Kids are great, they definitely speak their mind.

Kim said...

Oh my heck! TOO funny. I have a muffin top too. A huge one. So sorry!

Cassie said...

That is HILARIOUS! I wonder what I could do to get Alyssa to stop picking her nose... hmm....

Holly said...

I had no idea it was called a muffin top until Kim said it when we were all doing pictures at my house that day. I've been using that term (about me) ever since and it makes Toby CRAZY!!